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Guava Fruits Facts

Perennial Plant. Most interesting Guava fruit facts is that its plant is Perennial and can live for more than 40 years. Used in Textile Industry. Deplorable information that can shock you is that the fruit is also useful in the textile industry as the leaves of its tree are a …

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Pineapple Fruit Facts

Only one fruit by a single Plant. The strangest fact about the pineapple fruit is that its plant grows only a single fruit in two years. Strange? But it’s true. 50 Years. Do you know, the plant of the Pineapple fruit can give you pineapples for continuous fifty years? Long …

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11 unknown Cherry fruit facts

Cherry fruit Facts

Cherry fruit belongs to family rosaceae. It is 60 to 80 ft long tree that lives for 150-200 years. It is widely used in ornaments, wood turning and culinary purposes. It is used to give a tart flavor to jams, pies, liquor, and sodas. The fruit still has crazy facts …

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