Watermelon for Diabetic Patients, Safe or Bad?

Watermelon for Diabetic Patients

Watermelon is a nutrient dense fruit, with the presence of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and 90 percent of this fruit contains water. They have sweet taste and will make refresh to the person who ate it. Today our topic is benefits and disadvantages of Watermelon for Diabetic Patients. The use …

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Strawberry Allergy Symptoms and Prevention

Strawberry Allergy Symptoms

Strawberry fruit is called as the queen of all the fruits.  It is the Perennial and nutrient rich fruit. This fruit contains much of the benefits for humans but with these benefits, it may trigger several types of allergies as well. Strawberry fruit contains many phytonutrients which will help in the …

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Mango for Patients

Mango for Kidney Patients

Magnifera Indica is the most popular fruit with its unique flavor and fragrance. It is one of the nutritionally rich tropical fruits, a seasonal fruit with its delicious flavor. Mango tree is originated in the subcontinents of India. According to botany, this fruit belongs to the family which includes pistachio …

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Persimmon Flavoring, Extract and Uses

Persimmon Flavoring , Extract and Uses

Here is complete discussion about Persimmon Flavoring, Extract and Uses. Persimmon is a fruit native to China. It has been cultivated there for centuries. Persimmon is grown in East Asia. It is also grown in cooler areas in north Thailand, Vietnam and sub temperate areas in USA, Australia, and New Zealand, South …

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