11 unknown Cherry fruit facts

Cherry fruit belongs to family rosaceae. It is 60 to 80 ft long tree that lives for 150-200 years. It is widely used in ornaments, wood turning and culinary purposes. It is used to give a tart flavor to jams, pies, liquor, and sodas. The fruit still has crazy facts that you don’t know.

  1. Turkey is the biggest cherry fruit producer. It produces more than 480,748 metric tons per annum. In the list of top sour cherry producer it ranks 1st with the production of more than 187,941 metric tons per annum.
  2. Young is the cherry capital of Australia. It is a town in The New South Wales. It will be the host for 65th national cherry festival this December.
  3. It is the regarded as the May Day tree of America. On 1st may a traditional spring festival is celebrated for honoring workers. Cherry is considered as a symbol of love and peace in international community.
  4. Cherry is symbolized with number of things. With religious point of view Japan symbolizes cherry (sakura) with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Japanese praised it for its beauty, taste, fragrance and mysticism. Cherry blossoms were offered to kamikaze pilot during World War 2 as a tribute for bravery and courage.Cherry fruits
  5. It is considered as a magic tree. Cherry wood and juice are used for in love spells such as Aphodite New Moon Love Spells, Isis Full Moon Love Spell and Hecate Black Candle Love Spell. It is also regarded as goddess drink during different rituals.
  6. Cherries stimulate sexual hormones. It increases sexual energy and enhances fertility. It is a sex stimulant for females. Old civilizations offer cherry juices and cream cups on the wedding mornings.
  7. Cherry tree bark is used for smoking. There is a low content poison in cherry tree bark which makes it narcotic.
  8. Cherry plant is toxic in nature. All the plant except fruit excluding seeds contains cyanogenic glycosides that are poisonous. Its leave and plant part, when mixed with soil, leads to the illness of grazing cattle. However, this property makes it resistant to plant and help to cure plagues.
  9. Cherries contain antitussive. It relieves from cough and was used as a remedy in history.
  10. Cherry is a source of astringents. It constricts capillary to heal the wound fast. It helps against sore throat, hemorrhages, diarrhea, peptic ulcers, allergies, superficial cuts, fungal disease (athlete’s foot) and insect bite.
  11. It acts as diuretic. It promotes urine production. It helps against heart failure, liver cirrhosis, hypertension, water poisoning and influenza etc.Please share it if you like this article. Here are related articles.

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