About Us

I have completed my masters in Computer science recently and started my first blog. Maintaining good health by eating fresh natural fruits is one of my favorite activities.

Fruits are used everywhere in the world and these are the only source that meets our different needs like maintaining or loosing weight, improving skin, some fruits are good for hairs as well as some others are good for bones and eyesight. No one can deny the importance of fruits in our daily life.

This blog is all about fruits facts, why fruits are good for us, their health and nutrition benefits, fruits flavoring and uses, Why some fruits cause different allergies in Adults, Babies, Which fruits are good or bad for diabetic patients, Heart, Cancer and kidney patients.

My next plan is to add history and origins of all fruits. Where are these fruits grown? My target is to write on every fruit and every important thing about the fruits.
If you have any suggestions for my blog please use the Contact US page. All the queries/Suggestions will be appreciated.