Ackee Fruit facts

Here are some ackee fruit facts.

  1. Ackee Fruit History Facts:  The scientific name of the fruit is driven from the name of an English sailor. Captain William Bligh was a famous sailor who once took the Ackee from Jamaica to the Royal Botanic Gardens, England in 1973.
  2. Its Origin is West Africa: A famous Ackee Fruit fact is that its origin is West Africa. The common name is given after the Akye fufo, a West African name.
  3. Jamaica’s National Fruit: Ackee fruit is the national fruit of Jamaica.
  4. Ackee fruit also Treated as a Vegetable: Occasionally, it is also used as a vegetable and is used in many cuisines.Ackee Fruit facts
  5. Ackee Fruit Tree facts: The tree that grows these fruits is a type of tropical tree and is an evergreen plant. The trees grow very tall and may go up to 40 feet in height.
  6. Controversial Fruit: An amazing Ackee Fruit Fun fact is that it is among those fruits that are famous for the controversies. It is a rumor about this fruit that it may contain many harmful and fatty acids along with a great amount of cholesterol that is not good for health.
  7. Ackee fruit poisoning facts: Using unripe ackee can cause a severe problem which is known as Ackee Poisoning or Jamaican vomiting sickness. When a person eats an unripe fruit he will suffer from brutal vomiting leading toward coma or even death.


Interesting Ackee Fruit Health Facts


  1. Lower fever: A person suffering from fever should eat the Ackee fruit as it is among those that are used to lower down the fever.
  2. Alleviate headaches: One of the most interesting Ackee fruit health facts and benefits is that it can be used to treat and minimizing the headache. If you have a headache then ask someone to apply a poultice of the crushed leaves of the plant on the forehead it will give you much relief.
  3. Ackee fruit Cure Ulcer: Facing ulcer problem? Then the ackee fruit can help you to fight against it. Its skin can be used to cure the ulcer.Ackee Fruit health facts
  4. Make your Digestive System Healthy: If someone wants to maintain a healthy digestive system, then suggest him to eat the fruit as much as he can. It is one of the Ackee fruit health facts that it is enriched with the great amount of dietary fibers. These fibers help the proper movement of bowel resulting in fighting against many digestions related problems like constipation and obesity.
  5. Cure Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a nervous system related problem that can be cured by eating this fruit regularly. Niacin is a very crucial and important vitamin that is required by the nervous system to work properly. They have a great quantity of Niacin and can save your nervous system from many nervous-system related problems.
  6. Healthy Skin: Ackee is a source of many minerals and vitamins like vitamin C that gives you a healthy skin and can fight against the pimples.
  7. Better Heart Health: According to a research 3.5-ounce of this fruit contain 15.2 grams of fat, all this fat is unsaturated. It means Ackee fruit is one the best source of unsaturated fats that are essential for the healthy heart. These fats also help in lowering the level of cholesterol resulting in protecting your heart from diseases and controlling the blood pressure.

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