Avocado Allergy Symptoms Treatment

Avocado fruit also called as Persea Americana is an incredible fruit with high nutritional value. It is rather a tasty and unique flavored fruit. Avocado contains high amounts of fats. Most of the studies have shown that avocado fruit has powerful benefits on health. It is a famous fruit for the people who are health conscious.As avocado is considered to be health effective and good. But it causes several types of Avocado Allergy Symptoms in patients. A person who is allergic to some fruits or pollen may suffer from avocado fruit allergy symptoms. The body’s immunity will become weak if a protein in any fruit will considered as a threat. Immune system releases chemicals that react to produce an allergic reaction. If you a question, Can you have an allergy to avocado? I am sure you will find all of your answers after reading the complete details.

Avocado Allergy Symptoms

People allergic to avocado may face following symptoms.

  • Swelling of the lips and mouth
  • Discomforts
  • Pain in stomach
  • Itching of eyes
  • Eczema
  • Hives
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Anaphylactic shock

A person may suffer from avocado allergy symptoms in two ways:

He might have suffered from oral allergy or latex fruit allergy. Oral allergy symptom starts from your oral cavity. Whenever you eat a fruit it will alarm your immune system to get rid of it. Some people who are allergic to birch pollen may also develop this type of allergy. It includes tingling of lips, tongue and throat. Another possible reason for avocado allergy is if someone is allergic to latex then he will have this allergy also. Cross reactivity occurs if a person has latex allergy and avocado allergy.

Avocado Allergy Symptoms Treatment

Avocado Allergy Symptoms Babies

Babies love to eat different types of fruits. Parents give their babies several types of fruits like kiwi, banana and avocados. They are highly nutritious fruits but some of the proteins present in them may cause allergic reactions in babies. The babies who are below the age of 1 year have a weak immune system which will find the fruit protein as a threat to baby and releases antibodies that will fight against that threat and causes allergy.

Avocado fruit contains class 1 chitinase. This a major allergen found in this fruit. Babies are allergic to it. Most of the babies develop urticaria 1 hour after eating avocado.

Avocado allergy symptoms occur after few minutes of eating avocado fruit. These types of allergic reactions are much more severe in babies below the age of 1 year. Babies’ starts rubbing their face and hands a lot after having allergic fruit in their diet. They may have an itchy throat, runny nose and blockage of air passages so that the baby can’t even breathe. Face and neck of the baby will look like sunburn and blisters may appear on skin. Infants and babies who develop these symptoms may be tested in any age. The testing is based upon the nature of the problem and not the age.

These babies may also suffer from latex allergy syndrome.  If the babies are allergic to avocado then they must have allergic to banana and potato skin also. Take a good care of your baby’s diet. Follow a strict diet for him until the age of 1 year. Do not allow your baby eat different types of fruits without having much information. Try to keep the things away from your baby from which he is allergic.

 Avocado Allergy Symptoms Babies

Avocado Allergy Symptoms Stomach

Some of the people are unable to digest the sugar fruit. If malabsorption of the fruit occurs then a person may suffer from stomach discomfort, abdominal cramps etc. Polyol compound present in this fruit which is responsible for stomach ache. Some of the other nature chemicals present in it like salicylate, amines, histamine and glutamate etc that will increase the ripening of the fruit. Some people are sensitive to them and may develop flatulence, bloating, vomiting, and gassiness.

If a person is allergic to latex then there are 40% chances of him to get allergic symptoms by the use of avocado fruit. A latex allergen and an avocado protein have same structure so when a person cannot distinguish between latex allergen and fruit protein, then he may develop a fruit allergy syndrome. Immune system starts responses against this cross reactivity and causes stomach ache and vomiting. Avocados contain fructose; people who are suffering from fructose malabsorption will develop stomach discomforts.

Avocado fruit also contain a lot of fiber content, this fiber is healthy for our stomach but too much use of it can cause ache and cramps in the stomach. Some of the people are fiber intolerant so they may suffer from gastrointestinal obstruction.

Avocado Allergy Symptoms Stomach

Avocado Allergy Treatment

Cross reactivity occurs if avocado is eaten in combination with banana and kiwi.  If these types of severe symptoms occur than give your baby Benadryl. It will improve the condition and relaxes the breath of your baby. This fruit is highly beneficial for health. It contains most of the nutrients and vitamins which are useful for the normal metabolism of the body. But the people who are allergic to this fruit may follow some of the instructions to avoid the problems.

  • Avoidance of too much consumption of this fruit in daily diet will reduce the risk of allergic symptoms.
  • Some of the people also have to avoid cosmetics, lotions, and creams that contain avocado extract.
  • Use a substitute of avocado in your dishes to get rid of the allergic symptoms.
  • If you have consumed too much amount of avocado fruit which causes stomach ache then just do a simple thing, drink plenty of water, because water will dilute the allergen.
  • If you feel discomfort you can drink a ginger tea. This is helpful for the indigestion.
  • Epinephrine injections are also useful for the treatment of allergic reaction.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can be given to the allergic patients.

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