Interesting Facts about Blueberry Flavoring

This article will be discussing all the details about

  • Blueberry flavoring
  • Blueberry extract
  • Difference between flavoring and extract
  • Natural blueberry flavoring
  • Blueberry extract for baking
  • Blueberry flavoring and extract uses
  • Blueberry extract benefits
  • Blueberry extract side effects

Blueberry Flavoring

Blueberry flavoring can be used in various foods to enhance their flavor. They provide great taste with natural goodness. Honey named as blue berry flavoring honey, has blueberry flavor not because of blueberry flavoring is adding but gets its flavor from the nectar of flowers of the blueberry bush. It is having well balanced flavor is light amber to amber in color.  Blueberry flavoring honey can be used in any type of mead for which honey is meant to be added in primary flavoring agent.

Blueberry flavoring (a product of flavor essence) is unsweetened natural background or secondary flavoring agent and acts as highly versatile for creative people. Sugar, sodium, fats and carbohydrates are not present in it while it contains water, alcohol and natural flavor only. This product of blueberry flavoring is vegan, diabetic and athlete friendly. It is a well-balanced flavor that does not over power the primary flavor of beverages and food recipes. It can be used in coffee, tea, shakes, smoothie, yogurt, French toast, muffin, whipped cream and frosting. Ripen fresh blueberries with natural flavor and aroma is used. Other ingredients are water, alcohol.Blueberry Flavoring

Another blueberry flavoring product of LorAnn’s also known as candy oils or flavoring oils having super strength and are three to four times the strength of water or alcohol- based flavoring or extracts. LorAnn’s blueberry flavoring candy oil can be used in making candy, cakes cookies, frosting, ice cream and other variety of baking goods. When these flavors are being used as substitution for extracts, it requires one fourth or one and half teaspoons of extracts. Organic blueberry flavoring concentrate is healthy and nutrition full flavor that can be enjoyed on special occasions or daily family meal. It maintains and keeps the tradition of juicy charming blueberries being alive in healthy natural blend. Flavors of Newport preserve traditional history of blueberries in every serving of the flavoring product of blueberry.

Natural Blueberry Flavoring

Before discussing the natural blueberry flavoring, it is important to know the difference between natural and artificial flavors. According to David Andrews, Ph.D., senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, interesting role is played in food by flavors even if they are natural or artificial. Essentially, they provide taste to foods they are being added to and often added to make foods more appealing or potentially replace something that is lost through processing storage or in some cases even from pasteurizing. Largest difference between them is that natural flavors are coming from natural sources, original ingredient is found in nature and then purified and extracted and added back into the food. Some times while taking or thinking about artificial and natural additions of flavors one might start expecting flavors out of food that do not exist in real life. If a blueberry flavor product is from natural sources only, it acceptable to be labeled either “blueberry flavor” or “natural blueberry flavor”. If the product contains natural and artificial flavor, it should be labeled as “natural or artificial blueberry flavor”. Manufacturer of the product must put flavoring information close to the product name on the package.

Flavor without sweetness can be gained from natural blueberry flavoring. When there are complexities and inconsistencies in real fruit, fruit flavoring is an excellent way out. While brewing vessels lot of space is taken as the fruit is bulky. Fermentation can be accelerated and this process could be messy and difficult to control while adding the fruit. Proteins and starch present in the fruit can cause in the contribution to produce haze and cloudiness. There are chances of the presence of active bacteria in the fruit. In the bottled beer, unfermentable material from fruit can undergo changes. This causes undesirable changes in the flavor and body as beverages ages.

Many substitutes’ methods and products are available for the elimination or amelioration of these issues. But preferred solution is substituting fruit flavoring for some or all of the fruits in a particular recipe. This natural blueberry flavoring has a shelf life of 6 months. It is supposed to be should be stored in cool but not in frozen temperature conditions for optimal longevity.

Natural blueberry flavoring ingredients are water, propylene glycol and natural blueberry flavor in addition with other natural flavors. This natural blueberry flavoring can be used for many applications including ice cream flavoring. Natural blueberry flavoring that is homemade can be a best combination in breakfast. It can be added in pies pancakes or muffins.  Some of natural blueberry flavoring contains added color while other does not.

Blueberry Flavoring for Baking

Blueberry flavoring for baking is also available in markets to be used as natural fresh and mouthwaterinBlueberry Flavoring for Bakingg flavor of blueberries in muffins, cakes and pies. Mostly, one teaspoon is sufficient to be used in typical recipes of cakes, muffins or cookie.  Blue berry natural flavor blend is clear and colorless flavoring and is bake and freeze proof. This can be perfect for white frostings, butter cream and whipped toppings. A product of silver cloud’s blueberry natural flavor blends contains ingredients including propylene glycol, water, ethyl alcohol and natural flavor. Products that are made by silver cloud only uses finest quality of essential oils and other natural flavor ingredients for its pure extract and natural flavors.  As most of many other extracts or flavors, this extract used for baking is sugar free and gluten free.

Blueberry Flavoring Extract

Blueberry extract can be used for the following:

  • boosting the flavor of homemade blueberry jam or jelly
  • for creating a sweet blueberry sauce for ice cream
  • can enhancing fruit of salad
  • making blue berry cake, cupcake
  • creating blueberry flavored ice-cream, yogurt

Blueberries are used to make flavors wonderfully but they can be difficult to handle sometimes as they do not absorb sugar and remain frozen in ice cream. Different forms of blueberries when cooked can be used as an alternative. Concentrates and purees of blueberries can be used to flavor mix and ripples of blueberries can be introduced as variegates. Recent flavor introduction of ice-cream have included blueberry pie, blueberry ginger, blueberry muffin, blueberry cheesecake and last but not the least blueberries combination with mint or lavender.

Blueberry extract benefits

Disease fighting oxidants are present in the juicy, sweet blueberries that help in protecting free radical damage that contributes to premature aging. Collagen strengthens by the antioxidants helping to protect against the free radical damage that contributes to premature aging. Antioxidants also strengthen collagen, which helps combat the visible effects of aging. The Vitamin C and potassium found in the succulent fruit also helps control blood pressure. Blueberry extract is one of the natural substances that are sold in supplement form. It offers various ranges of health benefits acting as antioxidants helping to reduce inflammation and protect against disease and cancer.

Side effects of blueberry extract

One should be aware of and ask the doctor before using blueberry extract supplements to provide any extra benefits.  Awareness and research is necessary because if a person allergic to daisies or ragweed, avoidance from blueberry extract supplement is necessary. It could be turn out dangerous if the person is having floral allergies. It is necessary to start with half of the recommended dose of blueberry extract and observe the response of body towards it as blueberry extract is concentrated form. Blueberry supplement need consultation with doctor before their use.

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