Breadfruit Fruit Facts

Here are some important breadfruit fruit facts

  1. breadfruit Tree facts: One of the most strange and the interesting breadfruit facts is that milk is extracted out of the trees of the breadfruit that is used as glue.
  2. Last for more than a year: If you bury the breadfruit in a pit it can last for more than a year. It is a technique that is used by the Pacific Islanders to keep them safe for a longer period. They dig a large pit and bury some the fruits and allow them to ferment.Breadfruit Fruit Facts
  3. Massive Industrial Usage: The fruit is also important in the industrial point of view. The bark of the tree is used in multiple industries for making paper and tapa. It is also useful in other industries like insect repelling, fabric, medicines, animal feed and others.
  4. Trees are reproductive for Decades:  You can also consider another Breadfruit fact that the plants start growing fruit after two or three years of the plantation and then remain reproductive for many decades.
  5. Vegetable like Use. Another remarkable and Interesting Breadfruits Fun Fact is that it can also be used like the vegetables. You can use it after boiling, baking, roasting or frying.
  6. Found in 2 Varieties: The fruit is available in two types around the world. One is seedless while the other one is with seeds.
  7. Edible Seeds: Another one of the interesting breadfruits facts is that its seeds are edible and can be eaten after boiling, steaming or roasting. Sometimes puree is also made out of these.

 Breadfruits Health Facts

  1. Protect Heart:  The most beneficial breadfruits health facts is that the fruits contain a lot of fiber that is responsible for reducing the cholesterol triglycerides levels. Both these are a main cause of the many heart problems. Low cholesterol level will also lessen the chances of heart attack.
  2. Good for Diabetic: The fruit is very helpful for the diabetic patients as it reduces the quantity of glucose that is being extracted out of the food consumed. It means it can maintain a reasBreadfruit health Factsonable level of sugar in the body.
  3. Protection against infections: One of the Breadfruits Health Facts is that it carries a large quantity of antioxidants, which assist the body to defense against serious causes. It also scavenges dangerous free radicals from the body that affect the aging and other age-related disorders.
  4. Dental health: Having toasted breadfruit flower can aid in relieving a toothache. Also, you can apply crushed breadfruit leaves on the tongue to rectify thrush.
  5. Remedy Skin Diseases: Another interesting Breadfruits Health Facts is that the ash of the leaves are very helpful and can be practiced for healing skin diseases.

Breadfruit nutritional facts

  1. The fruit we are talking about has high nutrition benefits. According to USDA National Nutrient data base, a 100 gram of intake can provide you the following food values. Have a look at the Breadfruit nutritional facts.
  2. Energy: The fruit is very energetic and can be used to gain a good amount of energy. 103 Kcal of energy can be obtained from 100G of the Breadfruits.
  3. Vitamins: The second most important of Breadfruit nutritional facts, is that fruit provides you a right amount of the vitamins. 29 mg of Vitamin C, 0.100mg of Pyridoxine, 14 µg of Folates can be extracted out of 100g.
  4. Minerals: You can also get a fine quantity of minerals eating a tiny amount. 17 mg of calcium, 25 mg of Magnesium and 30 mg Phosphorus can be extracted from the amount mentioned above.

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