Cashew Allergy Symptoms, Can Cashews cause Allergies?

This post is all about Cashew Allergy Symptoms, Cashew Allergy in Adults, Babies and Toddlers. At the end we will discuss Cashew Allergy Treatments and People allergic to Cashews , How Can you outgrow a cashew allergy? Cashew is a nut, part of an evergreen tree. It is a tropical plant belonging to the genus Anacardium. Cashew nut is widely consumed all over the world. It can be consumed as in raw form or may be used to make cashew butter and cheese products.

The extract taken from its seed used as a lubricant, also used in waterproofing paints etc. Cashew nuts are packed with lots of minerals and vitamins. They are called as lowest fiber nuts. They have sweet, buttery taste, with a random shape.

The nutrients present in this nut are important for maintaining body metabolism. Arginine compound present in cashew nut is used to protect the artery walls, and hence the coronary diseases will be eliminated. I know you are looking for Cashew allergy symptoms and treatment so here we start our topic.

Cashew Allergy Symptoms:

Although so many benefits, cashew nuts may also develop allergies in 5% of people. The cashew tree belongs to that family of plants that include number of dermatitis inducing plants like poison ivy, poison oak etc. It is important to remove the oily substance before the nut is being consumed because it may produce painful dermatitis in many people. This is a severe type of allergic reaction.

Cashew Allergy Symptoms, Can Cashews cause Allergies?

Cashew Allergy Symptoms in Adults:

Seasonal allergies or food allergies are not dependent upon the age or a person. It occurs at any time of age. Most of the time the condition happens that you grew up almost allergy free and suddenly you have allergic attacks.  An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system will consider a protein as a harmful agent for your body. That protein or substance is called as an allergen. That allergen will stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies that will fight against it. During the fight, the immune system will release different chemicals like histamine to protect the body. In result of release of histamine the allergic reactions like redness, itching, inflammation and many other symptoms may occur. Depending upon the type of allergen, Cashew Allergy Symptoms involves:

  • Nasal passages
  • Sinuses
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Air passages
  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Lungs

Most of the Cashew allergic symptoms have increased on a whole by the higher concentration of air borne pollutants, sedentary life style, dietary factors and rising dust pollution etc. A study has been shown that suppressing the natural development of the immune system will trigger the allergic reactions by overreacting to allergens.

Some people experience an allergic symptom for the first time in their adulthood. As we get older, the immune system starts to weaken that is why older people often suffer from pneumonia. Any type of allergy might occur in adulthood but the most common of all allergies is the food allergy or the fruit allergy. Fruit allergies are considered to be more common than air borne allergies because fruit is ingested by the mouth and then absorbed throughout the body, while the air born or dust allergies just enter through the eyes or nose.

An allergy to cashew fruit may cause severe type of hay fever and asthma. People who are suffering from these types of allergies have to avoid all types of fruits and nuts as a precaution.

Cashew Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Cashew Allergy Symptoms Rash:

Allergies from Cashews were not so common in the past years but from last few years cashew allergies received serious attention because they are causing mild to severe allergic symptoms. Cashew and other nuts containing some compounds like anacardic acid and cardol. There are a lot of uses of these materials in resins and coatings but they may also cause severe type of skin allergies called skin blisters or urticaria. These substances are also called as skin allergens.

When the body is exposed to any allergen then histamine is releases and produces allergic symptoms in your body. Skin is the main organ that develops the allergic sign at an early stage.When a person who is allergic, touch the peel or cover of the cashew nut he may get severe type of Cashew allergy symptoms to skin or skin disease.

  • Skin lesion
  • Skin rashes
  • Redness
  • Hives
  • Contact dermatitis

All of the above mentioned symptoms might lead you to an uncomfortable feeling. After consuming a large amount of cashew, itchy welts of different sizes may produce on the skin.

Cashew Allergy Symptoms in Babies and Toddlers:

Cashews can be used in snacking and loved by most of the children. The vitamins present in Cashews are good for eyes health and immune system. But the allergens present in some fruits and vegetables trigger so many of allergic reactions in Babies and Toddlers.

Children are suffering from hereditary diseases. Allergy is one of the most common hereditary diseases. Babies who are sensitive to some fruits have to avoid the cashew fruits or cashew nuts. Some of the studies have shown that children with cashew fruit allergies are eight times more prone to develop respiratory issues as well as digestive problems and almost 14 times more prone to develop heart, and brain diseases.

Now days cashew allergy symptoms are becoming more common due to large consumption of desserts, sweets and snacks containing cashew.

It has been recommended that introduce your baby to such types of fruits at the age of 12 months. When the babies have been introduced to such types of fruits at early age then they will develop certain types of allergic reactions like diaper rashes, redness of the skin, eyes itching, runny nose etc.

Some of your babies will have loss of consciousness after consuming allergic fruits. It is a severe condition. You should have to immediately consult to the pediatrician. Pediatrician will guide you about the diet of your little one. He will tell you about the precautions of the allergic fruits and vegetables for your babies.

Cashew Allergy Symptoms in Toddlers


Cashew Allergy Treatment:

Above mentioned are the many health benefits of cashew fruit. It contains flavanoids that will reduce the risk of cancer diseases. Vitamin E present in it will provide a sharp vision.  But this fruit might cause several allergic reactions that require epinephrine injections and doctor’s advice.Can you outgrow a Cashew Allergy?

  • Cashew nuts contain some of the globulin and albumin proteins. These proteins trigger the immune system to react with them and cause allergic symptoms. Respiratory and digestive problems may also occur that show symptoms of difficulty in swallowing, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea. All these symptoms will be reduced by avoidance of the allergic fruit from your diet. Make a proper diet plan and avoid the nuts, fruits and vegetables that case allergic reactions.
  • One of the proper ways of consumption of fruit is wash it twice before use. Washing will remove the harmful bacteria and other allergic compounds from the shell of the fruit or nut.
  • You can also use cooked fruit. Because cooking will denature the proteins that are causing allergic symptoms.
  • If anaphylactic shock occurs than take the patient immediately to the doctor
  • Anti-histamine medications might be used for the inflammatory reactions.

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