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Gooseberries Fruits facts

All fruits are a great way to live healthy lives. They are healthy because of the high amount of the nutrition they have. Below are some of the Gooseberries Fruits fact, Gooseberries Fruits Health facts and Gooseberries Fruits Nutrition facts. Scientific Name and Genus: The botanical or scientific name of the Gooseberry is Ribes uva-crispa […]

Cranberries Fruit facts

Cranberries fruits are unique and wild by their habitat. They are enriched with many nutrients and are very beneficial for humans. Some of the interesting Cranberries Fruit facts, Cranberries Fruit health facts and nutrition facts are mentioned below. Have a look on all these. Served in a Various Forms: A different reality among the Cranberries […]

Top 5 Currants Fruit Facts

Like all other fruits, Currants also has many fabulous effects on the human body and health. Hope you will love to read out these Currants Fruit Facts, Currants Fruit Health Facts and Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts. Well known by various Names: Among all the “Currants Fruit Facts” the most attractive is that the fruit is […]

Cherimoya Fruit Facts

It is one of the most delicious and loved tropical fruit. You will love to know the Cherimoya Fruit Facts that are mentioned below. Different Names: Cherimoya fruit is recognized by its various names. In the regions of U.K. and Commonwealth, it is called Custard Apple. Other names are Chirimoya and Chirimolla. According to the […]

Breadfruit Fruit Facts

Here are some important breadfruit fruit facts breadfruit Tree facts: One of the most strange and the interesting breadfruit facts is that milk is extracted out of the trees of the breadfruit that is used as glue. Last for more than a year: If you bury the breadfruit in a pit it can last for more […]

Strawberry Fruit Facts

Strawberry fruit is the world’s healthiest fruit. It differs in flavor, size and texture yet all strawberries have the same heart-shaped, seeded coat and red flesh together with leafy green cap. Here are some amazing strawberry fruit facts. Scientific Name: Strawberry fruit is a fellow of the Rosaceae family and the scientific name of Fragaria ananassa. Its […]

Grewia Fruit Facts

Grewia is the smallest size fruit in the world. Some important Grewia Fruit Facts Grewia fruit grows in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. It is a shrub or small tree growing to 8 m tall. Grewia tree consists of fresh leaves, bark, wood and the tiny ripe fruit. Fresh leaves of Grewia tree are fodder […]

9 Impressive Grapes Fruit Facts

Here are some impressive Grapes Fruit Facts. Grapes  belongs to family Vitaceae. Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated plants. The grape seems in the best ten of the world’s preferred fruits, along with mangoes and bananas. Grapes are botanically ranked equally berries. Grapes history facts: The making of wine from grapes started as primary as […]