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Ackee Fruit facts

Here are some ackee fruit facts. Ackee Fruit History Facts:  The scientific name of the fruit is driven from the name of an English sailor. Captain William Bligh was a famous sailor who once took the Ackee from Jamaica to the Royal Botanic Gardens, England in 1973. Its Origin is West Africa: A famous Ackee […]

Guava Fruits Facts

Perennial Plant. Most interesting Guava fruit facts is that its plant is Perennial and can live for more than 40 years. Used in Textile Industry. Deplorable information that can shock you is that the fruit is also useful in the textile industry as the leaves of its tree are a great source of the black […]

Pineapple Fruit Facts

Only one fruit by a single Plant. The strangest fact about the pineapple fruit is that its plant grows only a single fruit in two years. Strange? But it’s true. 50 Years. Do you know, the plant of the Pineapple fruit can give you pineapples for continuous fifty years? Long maturation time. The time of […]

Top 8 Blueberry fruit facts

Each fruit is different in taste, nutrition and health facts. Here are top 8 interesting blueberry Fruit Facts Blueberries are sweet, nutritive and wildly prevalent. Blueberries are the king of Antioxidant Foods. Maine (US State) is at the top in the world for blueberry fruit production.. Not only blueberries are very creative, they also deliver […]

Interesting Peach fruit facts

 Peaches patented in China where they were refined since the early days of Chinese philosophy. Careful the favorite fruit of emperors, the peach fruit was first mentioned in Chinese writings dating back to the 10th century. Fresh market peaches are available from May to September. The Peach fruit is a member of the rose family, […]

Top 9 Avocado fruit facts

Each fruit is different in taste,nutrition and health facts.Here are 9 unique avocado fruits facts. Avocado’s taste is creamy, buttery, rich and smooth. These facts make them different from other fruits. The color change from green to purple/black indicates the ripeness of avocado fruits. Mexico is top avocados production country. Depending on the size, a […]