Cherimoya Fruit Facts

It is one of the most delicious and loved tropical fruit. You will love to know the Cherimoya Fruit Facts that are mentioned below.

  1. Different Names: Cherimoya fruit is recognized by its various names. In the regions of U.K. and Commonwealth, it is called Custard Apple. Other names are Chirimoya and Chirimolla. According to the Botany, it is placed among the Annona cherimola specie.
  2. Name Origin: Another reality in the Cherimoya Fruit Facts the name of the fruit, cherimoya, is originated from a Quechua word, “chirimuya”, which means “cold seeds” because the seeds grow in heights i.e. up to six thousand feet.Cherimoya Fruit Facts
  3. A new Hybrid: An exciting reality among the Cherimoya Fruit Facts is that new and a distinct hybrid species, known as “atemoya” and are produced by crossing between the Cherimoya and the sugar apple.
  4. Cultivation Areas: Originally, these trees are native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. Asia Australia, South America, Italy, Spain, and California also use to grow these for commercial purposes.
  5. Growth of Cherimoya Flowers: The flowers have an attractive fragrance and are grown either singular or in groups of 2 or 3. They continue to grow on old wood till the midsummer. The flowers are consists of three greenish-brown, plump, elongated and fluffy outer petals and three pinkish and smaller inner petals. These leaves open in two stages, leading as a female flower for almost 36 hours succeeding to a male flower.
  6. Fruit Growth: The Fruit may grow in conical or just like a heart-shaped ranging from 4 to 8 inches long and approximately 4 inches in width. The weight may vary from fruit to fruit. The largest fruit may reach up to the 5 pounds in weight. The skin can be thin or thick and has fingerprint-like markings usually coated with rounded or conical protuberances. The flesh of the fruit is juicy, sweet, white, subacid and has a good fragrance. They ripen through October to May and resemble just like a raspberry.
  7. Tall and Evergreen Cherimoya Tree: The most interesting of all the Cherimoya Fruit Facts is that the tree of the cherimoya is a relatively dense, evergreen, fast-growing and in brief deciduous in California through February to the month of April. The tree grows very tall and can reach up to 30 feet or more.

Cherimoya Fruit Health Facts

Not only for its taste, the fruit is also famous and popular for Cherimoya Fruit Health Fact. You can have a look on a few of them.

  1. Best for the Skin: The high amount of Vitamin C Cherimoya fruit is utilized by the body collagen formation, which is responsible for producing electricity in the skin. The body also applies the Vitamin to resist the destruction that is created by free radicals, making it an excellent way to maintain a healthy and young skin.
  2. Hair Growth: One of the worth discussion Cherimoya Fruit Health Facts is that the fruits are extremely nutritious and include many nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin C that are helpful in hair growth. So, if you want to improve the growth and condition of your hair then you must add Chirimolla in your diet.
  3. Prevent Cancer: For cancer, Custard-Apple is confirmed to be very advantageous. It acts fights against the cells that cause cancer, without any adverse effect on the healthy cells. The stems and leaves of these fruits are the best sources of acetogenic, which is used in the cancer treatment. It also prevents cancer development by conflicting with the enzymes action. The massive fiber amounts available in cherimoyas guard the colon membrane against its exposure to the poisonous substances. Custard-Apple also contains efficient anti-cancer and anti-helminthes antioxidants like asimicin and bullatacin.Cherimoya Fruit health Facts
  4. Healthy Heart: Cherimoya Fruit Health Facts also include a healthy heart. It has a right balance of sodium and potassium; that are helpful in regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Vitamin C present in the Chirimoya makes it among the great foods that maintain a healthy heart.
  5. Premature Hair Graying: One of the most attractive Cherimoya Fruit Health Facts is, a very beneficial enzyme, copper is present in the fruits, that is essential in maintaining the hair color and prevents the premature hair graying.

Cherimoya Fruit Nutrition Facts

After reading Cherimoya Fruit Health Facts and Cherimoya Fruit Facts, you can also explore some of the Cherimoya Fruit Nutrition Facts.

  1. As per USDA, a 100g serving of cherimoya fruit provides you 75 Kcal energy.
  2. Another amazing reality among the Cherimoya Fruit Nutrition Facts is that 17.71 g of Carbohydrates are extracted out of the 100g of Custard-Apple.
  3. 6 mg of Vitamin C is available in a diet that contains 100g fruit.
  4. 287 mg of Potassium is available in 100 gram of the fruit.

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