Chocolate Allergy Symptoms, Treatment, How common is it?

Chocolate Allergy refers to a condition in which a person suffers adverse immune reactions on consuming chocolate or its bye products. People who suffer from this condition undergo shortness of breath, itching or even rash on consuming chocolate.Chocolate Allery Symtoms, Treatment

Chocolate, a wonderful rich source off happiness which enlightens the mood and is loved by all human beings around the world, is one of the Universal Dessert that has ever existed to be craved by all. But not all enjoy the luxury of this of this special treat.

Some unfortunate people suffer a condition called Chocolate Allergy. This term seems fictional but it is not. In fact it is scientifically and medically proved that chocolate consumption in some individuals’ leads to metabolic disorders is basically an allergy. One can be allergic to either white chocolate or Dark chocolate.

The fact that one might not be allergic to white chocolate is not true because people do not usually get allergic to cocoa, rather they are allergic to chemicals used to refine them in the factories. So it is possible to be allergic to white chocolate as well. And same goes for Dark chocolate, as there is no exact of evidence of cocoa ratio being harmful.

Chocolate Allergy Symptoms:

So what happens to a person if they are allergic to chocolate? Well, the main symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Swelling of lips, tongue and throat.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Wheezing sound in chest.

This means that on consuming the chocolate, the person suddenly feels out of breath and uncomfortable. Usually these conditions are mild but in some cases, someone can experience a life-threatening condition called Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death due to Anaphylactic shock.

Causes of chocolate allergy:

The causes of these allergies has a rare evidence, as it is not much common that one might be allergic to pure cocoa .So studies have revealed that allergens are basically in the chemicals that are used to process chocolate into its factorial state available in the market. These chemicals are soy, lecithin, tyrosine, phenyl ethylamine, theobromine, caffeine, flavorings and emulsifiers.


Chocolate Allergy in Toddlers and Adults:

Most food allergies usually start in childhood but they can develop at any time of life. It isn’t clear why, but it may be due to excess consumption even though there might not be any previous history of allergies. The case in which a Child is allergic to chocolate is very serious as the immune system of a child is prone to more types of issues than a fully grown adult.


The working or the mechanism of action of this allergy is that on consuming chocolate the allergen provokes the immune system and the immune system identifies it as a harmful or toxic substance and tries to reject it. So this rejection causes the air pipe or trachea to get swollen and blocks breathing. And ultimately results in suffocation and complete respiration blockage.


Chocolate Allergy Treatment:

The treatment of these allergies do not have periodic or proper method to eliminate this disease. Rather the only way to deal with not only chocolate allergy but a food allergy is by Avoidance. In this case one might just stop eating chocolate and its by-products.

The first and foremost step is the detect and pinpoint the exact cause of allergy. This may be either one of the chemical products along with cocoa. After the exact cause or relatively close cause is detected one my avoid foods containing these chemicals. But in the cases where cause is not clear it is better to note down all the chemicals and avoid them in other foods as well.

But in cases in which one accidentally consumes chocolate, he must have an Epinephrine(auto-injector). These drug is known for its instant act on the anaphylactic condition which ultimately prevents the person for going into shock and even death.

One thing to keep in mind is that no food allergy is completely cured but it can be suppressed through these certain drugs called epinephrine and anti-shock auto injectors. Avoiding such foods causing allergy is the only way to tackle with this problem.How to treat choculate allergy

  • Benefits of chocolate:

Chocolate being as it is – a wonderful sweet – is missed by those people who can’t eat it and unfortunately there are no substitutes for these things. So are these people really unfortunate?  The answer is No and is explained through the following aspect that;

The benefits of eating chocolate are:

  • help in mood elevation
  • increase energy level
  • help to relieve menstrual cramps in females

Hence, chocolate is seen as the side assessory.

While the over-consumption leads to:

  • bad health
  • dental problems
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • loss of appetite
  • Unnecessary food cravings etc.


So there are more cones than pros of eating chocolate either dark chocolate, white chocolate or brown chocolate. Which clearly means that missing out on these treats is certainly not a loss.

Hence chocolate allergy is scientifically proven to be dangerous if not taken care of. It cannot be treated and eliminated permanently but can be suppressed and mainly avoided. Other than that missing out on this treat is not a big deal as it is quite obvious that people used to live without chocolate before and were quite healthy. And if you suffer from this allergy you must avoid eating chocolate and consult your doctor or medical specialist.


  • Substitute:

As one might feel left out if not consumed chocolate, one can opt for a substitute which might be Carob which is a flowering seed.

It can be used instead of cocoa based chocolates as they do not require caffeine or thymine type substances for processing hence lowers risk of an allergy.


Chocolate Allergy FAQs 

Can I get a rash from eating chocolates?

Ans: YES. This is because the allergens stimulate our immune system and then our immune system tries to kill these allergens and this killing of toxic substances causes rash, redness and itching on skin, especially on limbs and neck and face.

Why I get a sore throat after eating chocolates?

Ans: This is due to the swelling of our air pipe or trachea which blokes are passage and makes it difficult for breathing. Hence the friction of the air particles on the swollen pipe cause soreness.

Can I be allergic to white chocolate?

Ans: yes. This is because the chemicals used to process chocolate basically cause an allergic reaction and even if there is less content of cocoa it still may cause an allergy.

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