Top 5 Currants Fruit Facts

Like all other fruits, Currants also has many fabulous effects on the human body and health. Hope you will love to read out these Currants Fruit Facts, Currants Fruit Health Facts and Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts.

  1. Well known by various Names: Among all the “Currants Fruit Facts” the most attractive is that the fruit is well known by its several names, in different languages. In English, it is known as Currant, the German people called them Johannisbeere, Danish, Swedish and Italian people use to call the fruit “Ribes”, French named them Groseill, while in Flemish they are known as Bes.
  2. Nature of Leaves: The leaves grow single, lobed and have a maple-like shape. The leaves of the red currant grow in deep blue-green while the color of the blackcurrant leaves is pale green. These are very sensitive and can be burned by the bright sunlight. The water stress can also decrease their size number.Currants Fruit Facts
  3. Growth Habit: An interesting reality enlisted among the Currants Fruit Facts is, a Currant is grown on the deciduous shrubs that grow very fast under optimum conditions. The plant has multiple stems and can reach up to the 5 feet height. The plant grows during the spring season.
  4. Flowers growth: Currant flowers are grown on the base the stems after a year of the plantation and like the older stems. Each flower embryo can open to a number of flowers, may be up to 20, associated together on a hanging stem that can go up to 5 to 6 inches. The stem is called strig.
  5. Fruit color: Color of the Currant fruits is also one of the interesting Currants Fruit Facts. Berries of white red and pink currants are translucent while the color of the blackcurrants will be matte brown-purple color. The quantity of the seed may range from 3 to 12.

Currants Fruit Health Facts

  1. Slow Down Early Aging: The most amazing reality in the list of Currants Fruit Health Facts is, a substantial amount of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is available in the Blackcurrant that protects the cell to get damage from free radicals and in results fights against a very common problem, early aging.
  2. Increase Eye Vision: The berries provide a tremendous quantity of Vitamin A, which is responsible for increases the eye vision. Furthermore, it is enriched with the antioxidants that defend eyes from the free radicals. Resulting in, the protection of the eye retina.
  3. Freshen Skin. Red currants provide the essential nutrients that are very useful for the skin. These are enriched with vitamins B & C. The latter one is a very powerful antioxidant that attacks the free radicals and stops them to damage skin cells. These vitamins also regenerate the damaged skin cell and protect them from harmful UV rays.Currants Fruit Health facts
  4. Helps in formation of Blood Cells: Another amazing truth among the Currants Fruit Health Facts is that the compounds like iron and copper extracted from these berries are important and play a very vital during formation of new blood cells. Additionally, insufficiency of iron on the body can cause fatigue, anemia and muscular weakness.
  5. Fight against Cancer: The best of all the Currants Fruit Health Facts is, the fruit is very useful against cancer owing to its rich antioxidant content. These antioxidants are anticancer and find against the free radicals that are the reason of the disease. It is incredibly powerful against the liver cancer.

Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts

It’s clear from the above points that the currants are very effective for human health because of the amount of nutrients it has. Now explore more and have a look on the Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts.

  1. Energy: 263 kJ of energy is obtained from a serving of 112 grams of the berries.
  2. The selected serving of the fruit provides you 45.9mg Vitamin C, 12.3mcg Vitamin K, 8.5mg Choline and 47.0IU Vitamin A.Currants Fruit nutrition facts
  3. It is also among the best Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts that the selected serving gives you 1.6g of Protein.
  4. Minerals: One must also note a fact enlisted among the Currants Fruit Nutrition Facts that the fruit are enriched with many crucial minerals. A serving of 112 gram of the currants will give 37.0mg of Calcium, 308mg Potassium and 49.3mg Phosphorus.
  5. Carbohydrates: 4.8g Dietary Fiber is extracted out of the 112g of the fruits.

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