Dates Allergy Symptoms, Can You be Allergic to Dates?

Dates are an edible sweet dry fruits also known as date palm belonging to the palm family. The top producer of this fruit is Egypt. They provide a large amount of essential nutrients; can be eaten out-of-hand. Dates are the good source of fiber, sugar and energy. For this reason, they are considered to have healing power. Red dates benefits skin however a question raise in mind, are dates good for allergies? Although it is good for health and proper metabolism of the body. On the other hand this fruit may contain several types of Dates allergy symptoms as well.

Date allergy symptoms occur in those people who are hypersensitive to other allergens like pollen or grass. Studies have shown that date-palm fruit is a potent allergen, causing mild to severe types of symptoms in people who eat them in large amounts. The Dates allergic symptom includes:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Hives
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Wheezing
  • Cramps
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Angioedema
  • Watery eyes

Most of the fruits allergies are frequently observed as a local allergy to the oral cavity causing swelling of the lips and tingling of the tongue. Although date fruit allergy rarely occurs but it will last longer.

Irritation of skin is also another common type of Dates allergy symptoms occurring when the allergen present in the peel of the fruit triggers the immune system to show responses.

Dates Allergy Symptoms


Dried Dates Allergy Symptoms:

Dates are also available in the form of dry fruits that have become super food for people. This natural fruit is considered as a powerhouse for vitamins and nutrients. Dates contain antioxidants like polyphenols that will fight against disease causing free radicals. Very few people are allergic to this fruit. But those who are allergic may develop serious type of symptoms. Some of the fruits are dried by many preservatives like sulfites and molds.

Dried dates are a common source of mold compounds.  The main culprits behind dry fruit allergy are sulfites e.g. sulphur dioxide. People are allergic to these sulfites and molds and develop allergy symptoms by using them. The symptoms are mild like sneezing, vomiting to severe like dyspnea and anaphylaxis. If anaphylactic shock occurs than take an immediate medical treatment from your doctor and try to avoid that allergic food in future diet.

Contact dermatitis is also a serious type of skin disease that will occur after handling such types of fruits. Children are more prone to fruit allergy than adults. Try to avoid giving these types of fruits to babies below the age of 12 months.

Dates Allergy Treatment:

Regardless of whether you are allergic to pollen or some fruits, you will experience similar reactions from all of these. If you notice any of the above symptoms in your body than seek a medical treatment after diagnosis.Dates Allergy Treatment

  • Doctors do the diagnostic tests by skin prick test or blood test. When the type of allergy is being confirmed than it will be treated accordingly.
  • Try to avoid using dry fruits containing molds or sulfites. Furthermore wash them properly before consumption.
  • Take anti-histamine injection for the treatment of swelling and inflammation.
  • For anaphylactic shock take epinephrine injections.

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