Grewia Fruit Facts

Grewia is the smallest size fruit in the world. Some important Grewia Fruit Facts

  1. Grewia fruit grows in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.
  2. It is a shrub or small tree growing to 8 m tall.
  3. Grewia tree consists of fresh leaves, bark, wood and the tiny ripe fruit.
  4. Fresh leaves of Grewia tree are fodder for cattle, bark is used to refine sugar and made into rope, wood is used for boundaries and handles.Grewia Fruit Facts
  5. The color of Grewia is purple to black when ripe surrounding one or two small hard seeds.
  6. This tiny fruit is vibrant sweet and sour taste.
  7. Grewia well used as a cool summer beverage, or eaten with sprinkled black salt.
  8. Grewia is a summer fruit, ready for cutting in the south from March to April, and in north, from May to June.
  9. A normal tree of Grewia roughly gave 11kg of tiny fruit.

Grewia Fruit Health Facts

  1. Coolant & Stomachic:- Grewia provides the cool effect in summer and also provide calm freshness to your stomach. It also provides relief in pain of stomach.
  2. Blood Increasing Fruit: There are many fruits available for us to increase hemoglobin naturally, Grewia is one of them. It increases the level of hemoglobin and also the red blood cells.
  3. Sunburns Victims: Grewia is very useful fruit for sunburn victims and for those people who suffer from heat stroke. It also controls soothing liver and gall bladder problems.Grewia Fruit health Facts
  4. Building Stamina: Insomnia and depression may reduce stamina of a person, Grewia provide protection against depression and insomnia to build stamina and get rid of stress/anxiety.
  5. Skin & Vision: It helps to increase energy levels, provides fresh look to your skin, make softener and glowing skin and promotes a natural weight loss for awesome vision.
  6. Respiratory Troubles: It helps to cure all types of respiratory troubles. Tens of millions of people suffer from lung diseases. Grewia provides protection against such lungs and respiratory problems.
  7. Cancer Protection: No physical activity, excess body weight, and alcohol use may reduce the risk of cancer, Grewia is better for weight loss and weight loss increased physical activities. It also prevents the alcoholic effect because of this cancer is being cured.
  8. Summer Thirst: Grewia is very beneficial for summer thirst and hot weather problems. It provides cool and pleasant effect to stomach, liver and lungs.
  9. Regulates Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: Due to overcome the problems of gall bladder, liver and lungs, the level of blood pressure and cholesterol maintains by intake a glass of Grewia juice on daily basis.
  10. Diabetes: Grewia fruit juice is a great supplement for diabetes patients. Peel and seed of Grewia is the rich in antioxidant.

Grewia Fruit Nutritious Facts

  1. Potassium and Sodium:Good level of potassium and low level of Sodium is present in Grewia. 1 cup of this fruit contains 372mg potassium and 17.3 mg sodium.
  2. Vitamin A & C: Grewia is a great source of vitamin A & C which provides protection against immune system deficiencies, eye disease, skin wrinkles.
  3. Fat: 1 glass juice of Grewia contains 0% of fat which is a great supplement of weight loss.

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