Guava Fruits Facts

  1. Perennial Plant. Most interesting Guava fruit facts is that its plant is Perennial and can live for more than 40 years.
  2. Used in Textile Industry. Deplorable information that can shock you is that the fruit is also useful in the textile industry as the leaves of its tree are a great source of the black pigment.Guava fruit facts
  3. Beverages. Not only in the textile, but the fruit also is important for the companies that deal in the beverages. Guava is one of the important in the ingredients of many beverages that includes not only non-alcoholic beverages but also the alcoholic ones.
  4. Edible Seeds. Another guava fruit fact is that it has numerous seeds ranging from 100 to 500 and these can be eaten. There are also many varieties that don’t have seeds.
  5. Twice in a Year. The plants start growing fruits after 2 to 8 years. And grow fruits twice in a year that is the strangest Guava Fruits Facts.

Guava Fruit Health Facts

  1. Guavas are good for Brain. The most crucial guava fruit heath facts is that these are very good for the brain because these are one of the biggest source of the Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine). Both these vitamins help the blood to circulate properly to the brain, resulting the relaxation of the nerves.
  2. Best fruit for Pregnant Women. Guavas can also be a very excellent eatery for the pregnant women as they will provide Vitamin B-9 (folic acid) that helps in the developing nervous system of the baby. It means if pregnant women used to eat guavas during pregnancy than the newly born baby will have rare chances of the neurological disorders.Guava fruit health facts
  3. Fight against cancer. One of the best guava fruit health benefits is that it fights against the cancers and lowers the risk of cancer. Vitamin C, quercetin Lycopene and other polyphenols are the best potent antioxidants and use to neutralize the free radicals that in result reduce the growth of those cells that are responsible for cancers.
  4. Importance of the guava fruits for Heart Patients. Heart patients should eat guavas as these control the cholesterol level in the body and are responsible for maintaining a good cholesterol level in the body. They also keep the balance amount of potassium and sodium present in the blood. Both these are directly related to the blood pressure disorders.
  5. Guava fruit provides relief during Stress. A strange guava fruit health fact is that it is a source of the magnesium that is responsible for the relaxation of the nerves and muscles of the body. So, if you are feeling stress then you can eat a guava as it will work as a stress buster and will provide you enough energy.
  6. Let’s loose some weight. Do you think that you have gained more weight? Then, here is a fact that will surprise you is that you can lose weight by just eating this fruit on the regular basis.
  7. Diabetic Patients. Guavas also have less sugar than other fruits like banana, mango, orange etc so if a diabetic patient is willing to eat a fruit, then he can prefer a guava.
  8. Eat guavas if you have Constipation. Another amazing guava fruit health fact is that it can be used to cure constipation. As it is a great source of dietary fibers and if you eat a single fruit, it means you have fulfilled roundabout 12 percent of the fibers that are recommended. Eat seeds as these work as laxatives that help in the bowel movement.

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