Interesting Banana Fruit Facts

  1. 10 kg bananas in a year: On top of the amazing and Interesting Banana Fruit Facts is that research  in the UK  proved that on average a person in the UK eats 10 kilograms of the fruit per year which is equal to the 100 bananas.
  2. Banana Tree facts: The tree of the bananas is not a tree, but it is the biggest herbs of the world. A unique banana tree fact is that Each banana tree grows banana fruit bunch just one time then the old tree is cut down from the start and it grows again from the start for a new fruit.
  3. Truck of Leaves: The trunk of the tree is not made of wood, but it originally is made with the overlapping of the leaves on one another.Banana Fruit Facts
  4. Arabic Name: The name of the fruit “Banana” is driven from Arabic word “Banan” which means finger.
  5. Uses of banana fruit: The most amazing one among the Banana Fruit Facts is that it can be used to polish shoes. Yes, it’s true. You can use the inside skin of the fruit to polish your shoes.
  6. 1000 type of banana trees: It is said that there are more than 1000 different types of the trees on which bananas are grown.
  7. Fourth Largest Agricultural Product: One of the amusing banana fruit facts is that more than 100 billion of these are consumed annually around the world which makes it the 4th most used agricultural product following wheat, corn, and rice.
  8. Top Exporters of Banana fruit: Ecuador, Belgium, Costa Rica. Guatemala, Colombia and United States are the top six exporters of banana fruits.

Banana Fruit Health Facts

  1. Get Instant Energy: The flesh of the banana is made up of simple sugars like sucrose and fructose, which are responsible for providing instant energy and revitalizing the body. That is the reason most of the athletes eat bananas and also it is used in the treatment of the under weight and weak babies.
  2. Provides relief when Mosquito Bite: If a mosquito has bitten you and you are feeling itchy, then here is a banana fruit health fact that can assist you. Just rub the inside skin of the fruit on the infected skin and you will feel much relief.Banana Fruit health facts
  3. Banana fruit helps in stress: Being happy is one of the difficult task these days. But if you are feeling stress and want to relax then eat some bananas. These contain tryptophan that is converted to serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a substance that can relax you and can make your mood better.
  4. Prevent Heart Attack: Banana fruit is enriched with the potassium and contains very less amount of salt which helps to control cholesterol level resulting in lowering down the blood pressure and preventing a heart attack.
  5. Best for the Digestive System: Pectin is found in a great amount in it, that’s why it helps in the digestion and removing the heavy metals from the body.
  6. Less Asthma: A research was conducted at the Imperial College of London, and it was found that the children that are eating one banana per day get 34% fewer chances of Asthma.
  7. Reduce Risk of Cancer:  Eating fruits, like oranges and bananas, in the 1st two years of life reduces the risk of developing childhood leukemia. Banana is a very good source of Vitamin C which fights against the development of free radicals that leads towards cancer.

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