Interesting Dates Fruits Facts

All fruits have a many notable facts. Here are some of the Interesting Dates Fruits Facts.

  1. Name Origination: The name “date” has been derived from a Greek word daktylos, that means finger and the fruit have given the name because they have a shape like a finger.
  2. Very Ancient: One of the most interesting Dates Fruits Facts is that the inhabitants of the Middle East and Northern Africa have been growing the fruit for more than 7000 years. And for more than 5000 years, they are produced as a very profitable and economical agricultural product.
  3. Long Shelf Life: A date has a very low water level and high sugar level that makes it possible for the fruit to have a prolonged shelf-life and survive for several months.Dates Fruits Facts
  4. Seed Dormancy for Decades: Another fantastic reality among the Dates Fruits Facts is that the seed of the fruit can continue dormant for many decades unless appropriate conditions of light and water are provided.
  5. High Temperature: The Date Palm trees demand high temperature, 100ºF heat is required by the trees for minimum hundred days to provide a fine and excellent quality of fruit.
  6. A significant amount annually: The most surprising fact among the Interesting Dates Fruits Facts is that, according to the research, more than 3% of the farmland in the world is cultivated by the by the date palms that produce four million tons of fruit in a single year.
  7. National symbol: Israel and Saudi Arabia use the date palm as their national symbol.

Dates Fruits Health Facts

Consuming a lot of fruit is an excellent way to improve the health. The fruit, we are talking about is alos very important for healthy livings. Have a look on some of the valuable Dates Fruits Health Facts.

  1. Relieve Constipation: The most beneficial of all the dates fruit heath fact is that the fruit is enriched with dietary Fiber. These fibers are very vital for improving colon health and making the bowel movements regular. Both soluble and insoluble fiber obtained from the fruit help in cleaning out the gastrointestinal system.
  2. Good for Healthy Bones: The fruit contains a very significant amount of minerals. These minerals strengthen bones and fight against severe diseases including osteoporosis. The minerals found in date are selenium, magnesium, copper and manganese.
  3. Lower Blood Pressure: Another reality among the best “dates fruits health facts” is that they help in reducing the Blood Pressure. As mentioned earlier, Magnesium is one of the minerals extracted from the fruit that is very vital in lowering blood. Also, potassium in date performs numerous functions as it makes the heart to work adequately and also helps in reducing the BP.Dates Fruit health Facts
  4. Cure Anemia: Anemia: A worth mentioning actuality among the dates fruit health facts is that they help fight against Anemia.  Sufficient level of iron makes them an excellent dietary food, in particular for those who suffer from anemia. The high amount of the mineral is responsible for balancing out the natural deficiency of iron in patients.
  5. Heart Health: Dates are responsible for keeping a healthy heart. If a patient has a weak heart, then he should soak the fruit for a night, crush in the morning and then consume. This habit will produce many positive effects on the heart and will strengthen it.  Moreover, the fruit is a very a good source of potassium, that aids in reducing the risk of stroke and other heart-related disorders.

Dates Fruits Nutrition Facts

A date is a very excellent source of many nutrients like minerals and dietary fibers. Below are some of the Dates Fruits Nutrition Facts. According to a survey conducted a serving of 100g of fruit will provide you the following amount of nutrients.

  1. Fiber:  6.7 grams of fiber are available in the selected serving.
  2. Energy: A one of the most attractive actuality among the Dates Fruits Nutrition Facts is that 277 Kcal of energy can be taken from a 100g of serving.
  3. Potassium:  696 milligrams of Potassium is available in the serving mentioned above.
  4. Magnesium: 54 milligrams of Mg can be extracted by consuming hundred grams of the fruit.
  5. Phosphorus: 62 mg  of Phosphorus is present in the selected amount.

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