Interesting Mango Fruit Facts

When we talk about mangoes then it is the only fruit that everyone loves to eat when its season comes. As you all know mango is a delicious fruit and most of the people like to use it with milk to make a shake or also it’s used in ice-creams. There are many mango fruit facts that you don’t know, so I thought to write an article on mangoes and tell you all the details about it. Later on we will discuss about health and nutrition facts of mangoes.

History of mangoes: Basically mangoes were first grown in India over 5,000 years a
go, mango is also called the king of all the fruits because it is one of the most popular fruit that is eaten everywhere and mango is nutritionally rich fruit with unique flavor and taste. It also has health benefits Mango Fruit Factsthat we will discuss them later in this article.

Popularity of mangoes: They’re very popular in India, Asia, central and south America. I know your mouth would have started watering after hearing the name of mangoes. Mangoes are of different types and given different names, mangoes are of yellow color. Let me tell you about some of the health benefits of mangoes.

Mango Health Facts


Mango Health Facts: There are many health facts of mangoes that I think nobody have told you before, you should always know that what you’re going to eat is healthy or not, because many of the people are on a diet and they eat junk food because they don’t know anything about the calories in the food they’re eating. You should know about mango fruit facts. However there are some types of mango, some of them are listed below:

Types of Mangoes:Mango health Facts

  • Alphonso: It is the most common type of mango that is mostly used it is used in many of the countries like India, Pakistan, Ecuador, Egypt, Nepal and United States.
  • Banganapalli: It is mostly found in India.
  • Chaunsa: It is the most common type of mango used in Pakistan and it’s also used in Sindh and India.
  • Edward: It is found in United States.

These are some of the types of mangoes listed above. Mentioned above are only some of the types of mangoes meanwhile we will try to cover more types in our next article so don’t forget to follow us to get all the updates about fruits.

Main health facts of mangoes: There are many facts of mangoes regarding our health. I have listed some of the facts below:

  • Prevents cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Clears the skin
  • Improves eye health
  • Improves digestion

Doctors Opinion about Mangoes: According to the doctors there are antioxidant compounds in the mango that helps us to fight some types of cancer. It also helps us to lower our cholesterol. There are many mango fruit nutrition facts that need to be discussed, so let’s have a short discussion on it.

Mango nutrition Facts


Calories in Mangoes: One cup of mango have 100 calories in it and also mango have many vitamins in it.

More Nutrition Facts: There are many nutrition facts about mangoes and we will discuss them in our next article because it’s very necessary for you to know about the importance of fruits in our life. Share us with your friends so they can get updated with every fruit.

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