Is Mango good for Pregnancy?

Mango is delicious fruits in summer season. The unique taste of the fresh fruit is liked in each country, region, Men and women like the fruit as well as it juices, shakes and other products. Although this fruit has lots of health and nutritional benefits but Pregnant women and specially Pregnant young girls must want to know Is Mango good for Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant first time as a teen then you have to care a lot during your pregnancy. You need to know every thing which is good for pregnancy as well as all the thing which are not good. Here we are going to discuss the question that comes to every pregnant teenage girl and women Is Mango good for Pregnancy from early stage to baby birth. Lets start with fruits nutrition facts.

Mango fruit contains 60 calories of energy. This is a healthy and nutritious fruit ever with delicious taste. Along with its benefits, there are some cautions and concerns also. Some of the researches have shown that the antioxidant compounds present in mangoes are helpful to prevent cancer. The antioxidant compounds like quercetin, fisetin and gallic acid are useful. On the other hand, mango fruit is also good for pregnancy. However, mango fruits are rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. So, you can eat mangoes while you are pregnant. Like all other fruits, mangoes are also good for pregnancy as this fruit contains all the vital components that are good for pregnant ladies.

Another fact about mangoes is that they are naturally sweet. They have much more sugar content than any other fruit. But due to its high sugar content, it is being avoided in patients having gestational diabetes.

Is Mango good in early Pregnancy?

So, the good news is that you are pregnant. there are a lot of things that you have to take care of your health and for your unborn baby.  As you begin the journey of your pregnancy, there are certain things that you should follow and something which you have to avoid. However, pregnancy is a craving for certain foods. If you are pregnant in summer season then make sure to use mango fruit in your daily diet. It will provide you a good temptation and will boost your health. Moreover, mango contains 0.8g of proteins. This protein component is really very beneficial for you fetus. However, it is an excellent source of vitamin A. As we all know that vitamin A is good for sharp vision and good eyes health.

If pregnant ladies use mangoes than it will make sure that it is beneficial for their fetus eyes and vision. Therefore, the new born baby will not suffer from eye problems. In addition to that vitamin A will improve the immune system. The carotene compound in this fruit will prevent from various diseases. However vitamin A will play an important role in the proper development of kidneys, heart, lungs and bones.

However, the deficiency of sodium in mango fruit will make it a great blend of nutrients. The fiber content present in mangoes will keep the digestive system healthy. Therefore, it is also good to maintain the blood pressure in normal levels in pregnant ladies.

Is mango good for pregnancy

Is it safe to eat unripe Mango during Pregnancy?

Mangoes are a seasonal fruit and they are considered as the powerhouse for energy. Everything which can be used in moderate amount will be beneficial. Moreover, the mangoes may come in ripe and unripe form. Their unripe form has a tangy taste. However unripe mangoes are not good for pregnant ladies due to their tangy taste and tart flavor. However, there are certain issues that can occur if you are consuming unripe mangoes during pregnancy. The problems are:

  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergic reactions
  • Constant headache
  • Numbness

Unripe Mango in Early Pregnancy

Eating unripe mangoes can cause bleeding from nose in both males and females so if they are not good for common people then how can you eat eat unripe mango during pregnancy. It’s very bad for you so avoid these for your health as well as baby health.

Some of the times the mangoes are sprayed by calcium carbide. This compound is harmful for pregnant ladies as well as their unborn babies. So it is not safe to eat unripe mangoes during pregnancy. In most of the cases, use of unripe mangoes during pregnancy may cause miscarriage. Excessive consumption of unripe mangoes during last trimester of pregnancy may lead to bleeding.

Mango shakes benefits and disadvantages during Pregnancy:

Mango Shakes benefits and disadvantages during Pregnancy

Is mango good for pregnancy is not the only thing important. You must know advantages and disadvantages of mango made products like juices, mango shakes and other dishes made by mango fruit, are these good for pregnancy ? Mango shake is another tasty thing to drink. Milk which is an essential component for bones and immune system will strengthen our body.

Mango shake is a good option for everyone. Moreover, mango that is present in mango shake has rich amount of pectin that is helpful to reduce cholesterol levels from blood. Therefore, pregnant women should use make a habit of drinking mango shake to control their blood pressure. Mango shake is good for weight gain during pregnancy.

However most of the people make a frequent use of drinking mango shake. Along with its so many health benefits, too much consumption of it may cause various diseases. Some studies considered milk is incompatible with mango so it causes different types of diseases. Mango shake consumption on high amounts will lead to gain weight. That is a serious problem in most of the people. However, shake or juices do not provide full pack of nutrients and they lack the bulk. Pregnant ladies have to avoid mango shake in hot weather and start using raw mangoes into their diet.

Conclusion: Normal person can eat up to 3 mangoes approximate 400 calories (average size mango contains 135 calories) but if you are pregnant then eat less then 3 mangoes and don’t eat a large plate regularly. Avoid eating mangoes without doctor advice in final stages of pregnancy. Never eat apple if you are pregnant and you have diabetes.

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