Is Sweet Potato constipating for Babies and Adults?

Sweet Potato is the world’s healthiest fruit ever. However it belongs to the dicotyledonous plant of the Convolvulaceae family. Among healthy eaters and regular exercisers, the sweet potato is said to be a super food. Although it contains so much of nutrients and health benefits, yet in most of the cases; this food might cause some of the abnormal reactions like allergies. Here we are going to discuss “Is Sweet Potato constipating for Babies?” Lets go through the detail.

Is Sweet potato constipating for Babies?

Is Sweet Potato good for my baby? It is the first question that comes to parents mind before serving sweet potatoes to their babies.Have you ever noticed any of the abnormal symptoms in your babies after giving them sweet potatoes? Along with its minerals and vitamin components, it contains some of the allergens. Consequently, these allergens present in sweet potato may cause irritability in infants. However, some of the infants are allergic to every type of fruit because of improper digestion.

Do sweet potatoes may cause constipation in Children? Yes, of course, the improper digestion cause constipation and other issues related to stomach in infants. Furthermore, it has been estimated that 82% of infants have allergic symptoms to sweet potatoes at four months of birth and 89% have allergies by one year of age. Therefore, if you are introducing your baby to some of solid fruit then you must have to take care of giving sweet potatoes to them. Consequently, gastrointestinal manifestations are often the first form of allergy that will affect infants and young children.

If anyone of you is noticing these types of symptoms in babies, then immediately contact the pediatrician. The pediatrician will give proper treatment to your babies. Try to avoid the allergy causing food from your baby’s diet.

Is Sweet Potato constipating for Babies and Adults?

Do Sweet Potatoes cause constipation in Adults?

As we all know the benefits and nutritional profile of the sweet potatoes. Here, we are going to talk about the abnormal allergic reactions caused by sweet potatoes. All of the allergens present in sweet potatoes cause the IgE mediated responces in children as well as adults. These Sweet Potato allergic reactions occur in patients who have family issues with allergens. However, most of the fruits contain specific allergens that are harmful for some patients.

Have you ever felt a grumpy stomach after eating sweet potatoes? Some of the people are unable to digest the oxalates present in sweet potato due to their weak gut. This is a big issue leading to constipation and grumpy stomach. Moreover, sweet potato has been implicated to cause food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome. This syndrome is a severe cell mediated gastrointestinal food hypersensitive reaction.

Along with other allergic symptoms, do sweet potatoes may cause constipation in adults? The answer to this question is very simple and logical. Sweet potatoes contain dietary fiber that is good for digestion but if some of the patients are unable to digest this food or they will receive the allergen present in sweet potato which is indigestible then it may cause constipation problems in adults. However, most of the patients may develop diverticulitis and crohn’s disease.

These are the serious issue of the stomach resulting in constipation and stomach pain. If anyone of you is suffering from constipation after eating sweet potato then he might have to avoid that food from daily diet. To consult the doctor for diagnostic tests and proper treatment is also an easy way for relieving from constipation problems.

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