Kiwi Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Kiwi fruit is also called as a Chinese gooseberry. It is the yummy berry of the genus Actinide. This fruit is often called as power house of antioxidant. It is a favorite choice among fruits due to its unique and refreshing taste. Kiwi fruit was known as the national fruit of New Zealand. Some of the Europeans and Americans use it in their desserts and cereals. Chinese use it in medicines to treat several diseases. It is also used as a tenderizing agent in meats. Due to its higher nutritional value, the kiwi fruit is eaten up as in raw form. It contains double of the amount of vitamin C as in oranges and lemons. Here we will discuss Kiwi Allergy Symptoms.

Some of the researchers have believed that kiwi fruit contains most of the medicinal compounds that will treat the various sleep disorders. This fruit is also called as a power house of vitamins and minerals that will fight the stress development and will allow the normal blood flow in the body. The antioxidant component will prevent from skin degradation. After all of the health benefits of this fruit, it can also be problematic for those persons who are allergic. Although kiwi fruit is considered as a very healthy fruit but some of its proteins may cause allergic reactions like itching and swelling in the mouth and throat.

 The main kiwi allergy symptoms include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin problems
  • Inflammation of the eyes, lips and mouth.

Most of the kiwi allergy symptoms include the circulatory system symptoms. A rapid heartbeat and abnormal rhythms of heart may occur. It also includes lightheartedness, dizziness and circulatory collapse which will lead to the severe symptom called anaphylaxis. This is the end stage in which patient will immediately need an emergency treatment. Otherwise it may cause death.Kiwi Allergy Symptoms and Treatment


Kiwi Allergy Symptoms Adults:

Oral allergy syndrome is called as a cluster of allergic reactions occurring in mouth. It is considered as the most common fruit related allergy in people. The immune system of the body recognizes the allergen coming from any fruit, and this immune system will undergo an allergic response to it. If a person is suffering from hay fever and he has an itchy mouth and throat then he may have an allergic reaction. This is called as oral allergy syndrome. It is also known as pollen allergy syndrome. People who are allergic to pollen are more prone to develop fruit allergies. In adults.

Kiwi allergy may be associated with any other fruit allergy. This reaction or association is called as cross reactivity. These types of allergic patients have to eat the fruit in cooked form so that the harmful allergen will destroy and the immune system will never recognize any type of allergic protein so it will prevent the body from fruit allergy. Most of the other kiwi fruit allergy symptoms also occur including vomiting, nausea, constipation, abdominal cramps, difficulty in breathing etc.

Kiwi Allergy Symptoms Toddler:

These kiwi allergy symptoms include rashes, vomiting, heartburn and abdominal pain. But these types of severe reactions do not occur in babies and toddlers. Allergy symptom occurring in baby is based on genetics. If there is any allergy or allergic symptoms present in the family member then your children will also suffer from that allergy. Especially the fruit allergies that will take place in toddlers more than adults. You should introduce your baby with new tastes but try to avoid using solid type of foods in their diet till the age of 12 months. When your baby eats a fruit his immune system will over react in response to that fruit. Certain chemicals will release that causes allergy. Pregnant women have to avoid using this fruit during their pregnancy so the new born babies will never develop any type of allergy.

For the management of the babies, who develop allergies so parents have to make a balanced diet for their babies and try to avoid the fruit that is causing allergic symptoms.

Kiwi Allergy Symptoms Skin:

Like many other types of allergies, kiwi fruit will cause skin allergies as well. After touching to kiwi fruits contact dermatitis, hives and rashes on hands may appear. There are also allergies of skin including red patches on the body and eczema. Severe type of itching and inflammation might occur around the lips and mouth and different parts of skin. Itchy, flushed and a pale skin will result after the use of kiwi fruit in sensitive patients.

There are some of the other symptoms are respiratory symptoms including the blockage of the air passages by which there is a difficult for a patient to breathe. If you are experiencing any signs of allergy then go and see your doctor right away. He will check you and diagnose the type of allergen which will affect your skin and body. Your allergist will guide you how to manage the allergy and he will also give the precautions of using fruits with allergic patientsKiwi Allergy Symptoms Skin

Kiwi Allergy Treatment:

  • Although it has been studied that kiwi fruit is a nutritional fruit and it carries most of the health benefits. But some of the allergic symptoms are also occurred by the use of this fruit. There are some of the diagnostic tests for kiwi allergy symptoms and treatment includes avoidance of that fruit which causes symptoms of allergy. If anaphylaxis occurs then give the patient an auto injection of epinephrine.
  • For inflammation of skin and rashes of skin, anti-histamines and anti-allergic are used.
  • Seek an immediate emergency treatment or care if you are suffering from circulatory and respiratory symptoms.

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