Kiwi Flavoring and Benefits

Kiwi fruit is not an ordinary fruit. It is special in the way it looks as well as its nutritional content. It has vibrant green slices marked with little black seed. They always spark up the presentation of desserts and fruit bowls. It’s refreshing flavor and sight for the eyes makes it favorite among people. Kiwi Flavoring in contrast with strawberry is used in making candies, cakes, cookies, frostings, ice-creams and baking. Strawberry kiwi flavor is ready to use for this purpose.

Kiwi flavoring extract

Digextin-K kiwifruit extract is unique extract that comes from the skin of this green fruit. There are no residues of harsh chemicals. Actidin is present in high level in this extract. While preparing kiwi extract, the process only uses water to extract the bioactive components of fruit. There are three stages for the preparation of kiwi extract. It contains high concentrations of enzymes, phenols and soluble fiber. Kiwi extract flavor can be added in milkshakes smoothies, lemonade and fruit salads to please the one to whom you are serving it.Kiwi Flavoring and Benefits

Kiwi flavoring extract powder is dried from kiwi fruit, Actinidia Chinensis. It is used as a supplement. Kiwi powder extract contains same content benefits of eating a kiwi fruit. But it is a few more times powerful than the fruit yet convenient as well. Kiwifruit powder extract is a powerful antioxidant and prebiotic.

Kiwi has high concentration of vitamin C. Presence of actinidin makes it a great food. It is an enzyme found in many fruit like mango, banana, papaya, pineapple. However, this enzyme is present in larger quantity in kiwi. Hence, the special kiwifruit powders are high in actinidin.  Polyphenols and vitamin C are responsible for its anti-asthmatic properties. The prebiotic properties of kiwi fruit are linked with intestinal health.  They are supposed to have a great role in the health of intestine. Prebiotic soluble fiber selectively stimulates good bacteria in our intestine. It serves as general digestion aid.

Uses of kiwi extract

Supporting digestive function is the primary function of kiwifruit extract. Kiwi extract contains lutein. It is highly concentrated in the macular portion of retina.  It maintains eye function properly in older people. Use of kiwi extract helps to break down protein into polypeptides. It aids digestion and helps to relieve mild constipation. It functions as immune system supporter and healthy blood sugar management support as well.

There are most of the significant signs that tells you need kiwi extract. These signs are: poor digestion of protein, unhealthy blood sugar accompanied by nerve pain.


Kiwi extract for baking

Kiwi extract delivers intense kiwi flavor. It is famous among professional and home makers. It will add kiwi flavor in baked goods. It enhances the flavor of ice-creams, cakes and cookies. One teaspoon of kiwi flavoring extract is enough for your typical cake or cookie recipe in baking.Kiwi Extract for Baking

Kiwi Fruit Benefits

Kiwi is a fruit that attract people. It is not just because of its brilliant green color and exotic taste but because of its health benefits. It real uniqueness comes from its benefits of health.

  • Enzyme present in the kiwi fruit is known as a protein dissolving enzyme. It can help in digestion much like the papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple.
  • High level of potassium present in kiwi helps to manage blood pressure. It keeps our electrolytes in balance counteracting the effect of sodium.
  • Vitamin C along with other antioxidant comKiwi Fruit Benefitspounds in kiwi boosts the immune system hence it improves our immunity.
  • Great source of fiber in kiwi helps to prevent constipation and intestinal problems. It improves the digestive system.
  • Kiwi helps to clean to clean our toxins. This is done through the fuzzy fiber that binds and moves toxins from your intestinal tract.
  • It is said that eating 3 to 4 kiwis a day reduce the potential of blood clotting. Kiwi fruit has anti-clotting benefits to help fight heart disease. It has no side effects but additional health benefits.
  • Glycemic load of 4 makes it safe for the diabetic people. It does not raise your blood sugar hence suitable for diabetics.
  • Good source of vitamin C makes it a skin protector. Vitamin E is an antioxidant known to protect the skin from degeneration.
  • According to research it is a sleep inducer.

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