Mango Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Mango fruit is called as the king of fruits. It is a sweet and delicious fruit consumed by most of the people all over the world. As they are sweet and refreshing in taste, they have some of the specific allergic symptoms too. Despite of the fact that its allergy is very rare but if a person is suffering from a serious allergy caused by a mango fruit then he has to quit the consumption of this fruit as soon as possible if he/she find Mango Allergy symptoms.

Mango fruit contain most of the useful components like Vitamin A, which is really very good for eyes and the consumption of this vitamin will provide a sharp and perfect vision. It also contains vitamin K, which is good for skin and hairs. Dietary fibers and vitamin C is also present in this fruit. These components are good for the immune system and the proper stomach functioning. Most of the body’s vital processes are being occurred by the help of these fruits. But there is a complication too. Consuming these fruits in a large amount can cause allergy in most of the persons.

The allergic reactions caused by the mango fruit:

  • Cough
  • Redness of the skin
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Swelling of the lips
  • Tingling of the tongue

There are also some types of very rare allergies caused by this fruit are urticaria and Anaphylaxis. All of these allergic reactions occur by the presence of some of the harmful components present in this fruit.

Mango Allergy Symptoms Tongue:

Mango fruit contain urushiol poisonous allergen which causes irritation and tingling of the tongue. It is also called as a mango mouth. As lips and tongue are the first organ of our body which comes in contact with the peel of the fruit so the poisonous compound will react with our lips and skin and causing inflammation. This type of rash or inflammation occurs after a few hours of eating mango fruit and it will lasts after some days.Mango Allergy Symptoms Tongue

Mango Allergy occurs by causing the white blood cells of the body to react with the harmful or poisonous compound present in mango fruits. This reaction may be life threatening. It causes severe irritation and people become uncomfortable.

Allergic reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. Latex allergy is also occurred with the same symptoms to oral allergy syndrome. This allergy is also called as latex allergy syndrome. People who are diagnosed with this type of allergy are strictly prescribes to avoid mango fruits.


Mango Allergy Symptoms Skin:

A specific allergic reaction can start 10minutes after ingestion. In most of the people it causes skin allergies called as urushiol induced contact dermatitis. The name of this compound is obtained from lacquer tree. It will reduce the properties of vitamin C and affects the immune system.

Most of the poisonous compound present in the peel of the mango fruit. If a person is in contact with the peel of these fruits, then there are more chances to develop skin allergies.

This type of fruit causing allergy to most of the organs of the body. The allergen present in this fruit cause the edema in the body due to which the skin around the eyes swell. This condition is called the puffy eyes. It also affects the kidneys.

Some of the mango fruits will ripe artificially. These artificially ripe mangoes can cause gastric problems lie diarrhea, irritation and cause stomach pain. Due to which stomach becomes upset. Mangoes are ripened artificially by an alkaline substance. It is an irritant substance that reacts with the mucosal tissues of the stomach and damages the intestinal walls causing disruption of the stomach and intestinal functions.Mango Allergy Symptoms Skin

Mango Allergy symptoms babies:

Children and babies are more allergic to some specific fruits especially mangoes.  Studies have shown that over 5% of babies have fruit allergies. The most frequent and common allergic reactions occur in children are hives, breathlessness, swelling around lips, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Some of the children may carry an anaphylactic reaction after eating fruit from which they are allergic. Notice, if your baby acting weirdly or having some itchy reaction after eating a fruit. Take him to the doctor for perfect advice. Notice the behavioral disorder of your child. Some of the allergies in babies are inherited, when their antibody’s comes in contact with the specific allergen then they cause allergic reactions. The treatment for this allergy is that your baby has to avoid the food which is causing allergy. But many food allergies are temporary; your child should discontinue eating a specific allergic fruit for some time. This is the easiest solution to avoid Mango allergies in babies.

It includes respiratory disorder and dysapnea. There are some of the serious allergic reactions occurring after eating mangoes. Some of the symptomatic problems include chest lightedness. People who avoid the use of mango fruit into their diet will have less than 10% chances of progression of anaphylaxis.Mango Allergy Symptoms Babies

Mango Allergy Treatment:

The best option of reducing the allergy caused by mango fruit is the avoidance of using it.

Contact dermatitis caused by the urushiol compound present in the peel of mango fruit can be treated with topical or systemic corticosteroids. It is said that mango peel contains some specific allergen, it is important to get rid of its peel while eating mango fruit. For safety purpose, some allergic people may use gloves to avoid harmful reactions to their skin.

If some people may develop allergy then antihistamines and cortisone creams are the best choice for their treatment.

If some of the people have mild allergy then they can use it by washing it with soap. Please share it if you like the Mango Allergy Symptoms.

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