Things to Know About Orange Fruit Facts

You may be glad to know that I have chosen oranges to write on today, there are many facts about oranges that you don’t know about them so I will try to discuss about all Orange Fruit Facts.

Uses of Oranges: First of all oranges are most likely used in juice and almost all the people love to have an orange juice in breakfast or in daily routine.

Orange Juice Facts: When it comes to orange juice facts then it’s very good for our health and I recommend you to drink a glass of orange juice and add it in your daily routine’s list.

Popularity of Oranges: Oranges are very juicy fruits and are very delicious to eat and I think that most of the people reading this article loves to eat oranges or drinks orange juice. Brazil is the largest producer of oranges and you will be amazed to know that one third of oranges production in all over the world comes from only Brazil.

Calories in oranges: An orange contains about 85 calories in it and has no fat. They aOrange Fruit Factsre very famous because they are very rich in vitamin C and they also helps us to stay young I’m sure nobody have told you this before. Do you know that one glass of orange juice has 124 mg of vitamin C? This is more than 100% of recommended daily intake of vitamin C for an adult.

Types of oranges: Many people prefer orange juice in breakfast because almost all the doctors suggests you to take oranges or use orange juice in your daily routine. There are some types of oranges I have mentioned them below:

  • Sweet oranges
  • Blood orange
  • Bitter orange
  • Mandarin orange

Sweet oranges are the most common and popular type of oranges, otherwise we will cover the types of oranges in our next article.

Orange Health Facts


As you know that every fruit has its health benefits like in my previous article I mentioned about the health benefits of mangoes. Same for the oranges if it’s delicious then also there are its health benefits and its mostly known health benefit is that it is rich in vitamin C.Orange health facts

Vitamins in oranges: Oranges are very rich in vitamin C and they are also a good source of B vitamins like B1. They have pantothenic acid, folate and Vitamin A as well. That’s why they are very beneficial for our health.

Oranges Juice Health Facts: One of the best health Fact of orange juices are that they helps in preventing kidney diseases. I suggest you to drink orange juice but not more than 1 glass daily because large amount of sugar is not good for your health. The type of oranges which is known as mandarin orange helps to fight liver cancer.

Orange nutrition Facts


Orange is one of the most popular citrus fruit and it is also known as citrus sinesis. Oranges have 93% of vitamin C in them and also they have vitamin B sources as well as vitamin A. We will cover the topic of history of oranges in our next article so don’t forget to share us with your friends so they can also get updated with benefits of fruits.

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