Papaya Allergy Symptoms Treatment

This plant belongs to the kingdom Plantae with genus Carica.  Papaya originated from Mexico. It is usually a small tree with a single stem. There production is 12.7 million tons in the world. Papaya fruit is known as the “fruit of angels”. Papaya fruit has many benefits as well as some allergic reaction known as papaya allergy symptoms.

It contains fats, proteins carbohydrates and 88% of water content. It can be eaten in raw form or may be used in stews and salads. Other ways to use this fruit are milkshakes, smoothie or as a vegetable form. Pectin compound present in papaya can make delicious jellies. Its compound papain is used to tenderize the meat also. The skin and pulp of papaya is rich of phytonutrients which are useful to reduce the risk of cancer producing cells in the body. Papaya fruit will immensely benefit your body. It is popular due to its high medicinal and nutritive value. This fruit contains several vitamins and minerals which will undergo the normal metabolism of the body.

Papaya allergy symptoms:

No doubt it is a healthy fruit for consumption but it may contain latex fluid in its unripe form. This may cause irritation and some of the allergic reactions in people. When a person eats papaya and the immune system of that person consider the protein present in this fruit as a threat. Immune system will start creating antibodies against this harmful protein. Antibodies will result in an allergic reaction. Antibodies will play a best role to flush out the harmful products from the body.

Consider a person is eating papaya, its symptoms will occur after several minutes.

Papaya Allergy symptoms include:

  • Irritation of the mouth
  • Swelling around the lips
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Digestive problems
  • Dizziness

Papaya Allergy Symptoms and Treatment


Papaya Allergy Symptoms Babies:

This fruit is a delicious and amazing fruit of tropics. Papaya fruit is very tasty and beneficial to add up in your baby’s diet. Its quality is not only the sweet taste and yummy flavor but it is also a nutrition full fruit. Most of the parents introduce this fruit to their child in their early age but they must take care of introduction of papaya fruit in their baby’s diet at 7 to 8 months of age. This fruit is offered mostly after the meal.

These are the good things to tell you about papaya fruit but if your baby is eating it early or in too much amount then it will cause various diseases in baby. Sore throat, swelling of the eyes, lips and tingling of tongue may occur.  If you bought a rotten papaya that smells very unpleasant, will also cause Papaya allergy in babies as well as in adults.

Another symptom In babies called oral allergy syndrome also occurs. Oral allergy syndrome will take place in the patients who are really very sensitive to some of the pollens or their family member is allergic to fruits. This type of allergy is based on genetics. If parents are allergic to pollen or any other fruit or vegetable than their baby will definitely develop that allergy. Latex compound present in this fruit will cause latex allergy syndrome. Papaya Cross reactivity may occur if your baby is using papaya fruit in combination with other fruits. All of these fruits will combine to cause a severe type of allergy.

Papaya Allergy Stomach Pain:

People should have to listen to their body. If eating papaya will make them uncomfortable then they should avoid this fruit. If you are ignoring the signals coming from your body then it may result in several health problems. Papaya contains enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are good for stomach like use of small amounts of this fruit will relieve indigestion. If you are eating too much papaya then it will cause stomach ache, and abdominal cramps will also occur.

Other symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and constipation. All these symptoms are present because of abnormal metabolism of the body. The culprit for the upset tummy is the latex and large amount of fiber content present in this fruit. Eating papaya fruit in large amounts will leave you in undesirable queasiness.

All of the allergic reactions occur by the unripe papaya, their seeds and their leaves. It may cause many digestive issues as well as other health problems like the presence of papain enzyme in this fruit will lead to miscarriage in pregnant ladies.

There may be an anaphylactic reaction that occurs after severe allergy. It includes sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and even death. So if a person led to an anaphylactic shock, he must have to seek an immediate medical treatment.Papaya Allergy Stomach Pain

Papaya Allergy Treatment:

The benefits of papaya fruit are countless, but there are also its harmful effects or allergic affects. People allergiv to Papaya fruit have question in there mind, how to treat papaya allergy? There are lots of treatments for this allergy as follows:

  • To avoid the fruit into your diet, this is causing these types of allergic symptoms.
  • If your baby is suffering from such type of allergy than he must have to be checked from a doctor. Parents have to avoid the fruit from their baby’s diet. Don’t let your baby to eat fruit until the age of 6 months.
  • Treat the anaphylactic shock by the use of an injection called epinephrine.
  • Antihistamines can also be used to reduce allergy.
  • For skin inflammation, anti inflammatory drugs are used.
  • Creams, lotions are available to reduce the rashes and itching formed on the skin.

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