The Hidden facts about Pear Flavoring

During a Midwest spring, few trees are as beautiful as the pear tree in blossom. Similarly, there are few flavors as subtle and delightful as pear. When used in different succulent cuisine dishes, baked goods and beverages it is the flavor that demand distinctive one-of-a-kind taste. Pear flavoring as many other good quality flavorings should pass rigorous tests for reliability, taste and vigor. Pear flavoring can be used in sauces, dressing and tea.  Perfumer’s Apprentice water soluble pear flavor is a type of concentrated flavor of pear. It is not really easy to get the taste of a true pear that is concentrated.  This pear flavor tries to be as close as it could come. Some of the customers, who like pear flavoring, sweeten this up for a more “candy pear” taste. Sweetener or ethyl alcohol is added for this taste. Ingredients used for making pear flavoring are natural and artificial flavor, propylene glycol and water.The Hidden facts about Pear Flavoring

When something is cooked in liquid it is called poaching. Poaching a fruit “pear” will enhance its flavor. This could be done by taking a wide shallow pan. By adding 1 ½ inches of liquid will enhance and add the flavor. Then add seasoning such as sugar, spice or lemon slices. After this place the food in the hot liquid. Simmer until it is done.

According to Lee, it is said in the flavor industry that one plus one equals to three. That means mixing a pear with orange results in peach.

Pear flavoring powder

Type of pear that grows on the Nopal cactus is prickly pear fruit. This fruit is a plant is used in Mexican-American diet. It is also used as medicine of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, alcohol hangover, and diarrhea and for viral infections as well. It is now available in concentrated powder rich in nutrients. Antioxidants known as “betalains” are present in prickly pear fruit which is supposed to promote inflammation reduction. It can be added in nutritional shakes, smoothies, juices or water.  When used in foods, prickly pear fruit is used in jellies and candies for flavoring.

The delicious taste of the whole prickly pear fruit is maintained by it.  It is crystalline in appearance. This is because of its natural color of the red prickly pear fruit at mature harvest. This pear flavoring powder can be used to make delicious smoothies, teas and other refreshing beverages. Pear flavoring powder uses prickly pear fruit as main ingredient. It is in dehydrated form. Smaller amount of gluten free organic brown rice powder is also added. It acts as a natural processing aid. As the fruit is “hygroscopic” (absorbs moisture from the air), this natural processing aid helps the powder to stay in powder form without clumping or hardening in the heat. In May 2015, this pear flavoring powder was improved.  It was more concentrated pear powder having less organic brown rice flour as a processing aid.

Various researches have been conducted on this product. Among those, a research was conducted to make prickly pear powder as coloring agent for red foods.  It aimed at presenting a method to obtain a powder colorant from the fruit juices by spray drying. Since a format is easier to handle for some applications but not so heavy to transport as liquids. It has another advantage of high storage stability. As a result of this experiment, powder with color strength of 4.0 was found. It was stable at room temperature for one month. Spanish team then tested its appeal in actual food products.  They concluded that this pear flavoring powder acting as the colorant was successfully applied to yogurt and soft drinks. A vivid red tonality was obtained in the food. It was very attractive for the customers. Afterwards, there was an increasing interest for large scale cactus pear fruit processing for the production of coloring foodstuffs.

A research published in Nutritional Journal (2005), says that cactus pear is a natural product in cancer chemoprevention. According to this research, the aqueous extracts of cactus pear were used for the treatment of immortalized ovarian and cervical epithelial cells. It also treats ovarian, cervical and bladder cancer cells.

In addition, another study was conducted to find out the antioxidant and anticancer activities of different constituents extracted from Egyptian Prickly pear cactus peel. It showed significant relationship with total phenolic content.

Simple pear flavoring powder is made from pears. It has atypical pear flavor with typical yellowish crème color. It is used for flavoring in frostings, creams, beverages, and baked goods.

Dried pear flake powder is one of pear flavoring powder. It has many benefits. It consists of real fruit flavor with real fruit inclusion. It is an excellent replacer and moisture extender. Its viscosity is controlled by customer for maximum versatility. Just water is added for easy reconstitution. It is shelf stable and long lasting in ambient temperature. This pear flavoring powder is easily blended into dough matrix and filling. Products made from this pear flavoring powder can be labeled as made with real fruit. It has low cost transportation and storage. Generally, one part of pear flavoring powder is added in five parts water by weight. It may be blended with characterizing fruit to lower ingredient costs.

Applications of dried pear flavoring powder:

  • Used in bakery products or doughs
  • Used in cereals
  • Used for Fruit bar toppings
  • Used for sauces
  • Used in dried salad seasoning
  • Used in dried fruit snacks
  • Used in cakes
  • Used a thickening agent
  • Used as fat substitute
  • Pear Extract

    Water soluble pear extract is highly concentrated having essential oils. It is cold pressed and virtually alcohol free. It is bake proof and freeze stable.  Pear extract can be used in wide range of applications including baking, beverages and ice-creams. It has a soft yet distinct taste of pear. It will add a delicious flavor accent to any of the sweet treats.  It also has its addition in pies, muffins, and milkshakes. It proves to be an excellent flavoring for tea, fruits and salads.  It is also moisturizing and anti-aging.Pear Extract

    Amoretto is well known for providing highly concentrated extractions. These extracts range from sweet and savory to exotic and floral. They are used in diverse types of flavoring applications. If someone is fond of pear natural flavor, then amoretti pear extract is worth using. It is with natural flavor. It does not contain any alcohol, chemical or artificial color. This pear extract can be used at homes, bakery or even by the professionals as well. It is a type of flavor that you can’t buy in grocery stores usually. Cake batter or icing can be replaced with pear extract. Just a few drops of pear extract can be added to fruit pies and tarts to accentuate their flavor. It gives unique flavor when added a small amount to cake, cookies, icings, or any homemade recipes to get the taste of pure pear fruit.  Blending pear extract in yogurt or pudding can make it more delicious.

    Organic pear flavor extract uses water, organic ethyl alcohol, natural and organic plant and vegetable extracts as their ingredients.

    Pure pear extract

    Pure pear extract can enhance the tastes of fruit pies, spirits, and cakes. It is infused with authentic pear flavor.

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