Persimmon Allergy Symptoms, Am i allergic to Persimmons?

Persimmon is an edible fruit belonging to the genus diospyros. Eating without precautions or exceeding the eating limit can cause Persimmon allergy symptoms. This fruit has a sweet taste with high glucose levels. It is called as nature’s candy due to its sweet flavor. Most of the varieties of the fruit are used in folk medicines. It can be eaten in raw form and available in different flavors with a unique texture. The persimmon fruit can be used in making salads, cookies, cakes and candies. Permission fruits contain large amounts of fiber content and minerals. It contains 293kJ of energy.

Persimmon Allergy Symptoms:

Like many other fruits there are so many nutritional benefits of persimmon fruit as well as some of the allergic symptoms may also occur. The persimmon fruit symptoms are same as that of other fruits of this family. The persimmon fruit allergy symptoms are as following:

  • Itching
  • Hives
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Respiratory problems
  • Heart problems
  • Stomach pain after eating persimmon

A compound called as profillin is detected in this fruit. Patients who are suffering from pollen in the past are also suffer from ingestion of some plant-derived fruits. Some of the studies have shown that persimmon fruit will induce permission fruit allergy in sensitive patients. Most of the patients were seen having infections just after 20 minutes of ingestion of a fruit. It might cause itching and swelling of the soles and feet. In many cases persimmon allergy symptoms had appeared just after biting of it. The swelling of the sole will persist for several hours. Patient of swelled body parts have to use oral-histamines to relief the pain and inflammation.

Persimmon Allergy Symptoms Treatment

Persimmon Allergy Babies:

Fruits are a good source of energy for babies. Persimmon fruit contains vitamins and minerals that are helpful for the growth of the body. These vitamins are important for the mental growth of the babies as well. But there are some babies who are sensitive to so many fruits that are being presented to them. Digestive system of the baby is not so much developed, so it is unable to digest some of the fruits. Introduce a small proportion of persimmon fruit to your child at the age of 8 to 10 months.

The fruits of this family are considered as less allergic and available in sweet flavor for consumption of your child. Babies may develop persimmon fruit allergy symptoms like tingling of the throat and tongue. They may also suffer from digestive problems as well. If your baby is suffering from any type of allergy then consult with the pediatrician.

Persimmon Allergy Rash:

Persimmon fruit is native to China. It is also called as an attractive ornamental plant. This fruit can be utilized for number of purposes. Peel of persimmon fruit is also used for eating but its peel might contain some of the allergens like profillin. These compound cause persimmon fruit allergy symptoms like:

  • Skin rashes
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Eczema

A serious type of skin disease called contact dermatitis occurs if the person is just touching the fruit. This disease may cause inflammation of hands, feet and soles. There are so many medications available for the relief of skin diseases.

Persimmon Allergy Rash

Persimmon Allergy Mouth:

Persimmon fruit is smooth textured, delicious and tasty fruit with much of nutrients and health benefits. It can reduce the risk of many diseases. The most important allergy of oral cavity caused by persimmon fruit is oral allergy syndrome allergy. The syndrome includes irritation of the mouth, lips and gums. Oral allergy is the most common allergy symptom occurred by the ingestion of persimmon fruit.

Mouth is the first organ that comes in contact with the fruit. IgE antibodies will react to the harmful allergen present in the fruit and cause allergic symptoms like rashes, itching and pain etc. These patients also develop serious types of facial angioedema. Furthermore profillin compound present in persimmon fruit have cross reactive allergen to latex fruit allergy. This is also known as latex allergy syndrome.

Persimmon Allergy Treatment:

Persimmon fruit is nutrient rich fruit for all of the people. It is a good source of minerals for the babies. But the Persimmon allergy symptoms caused by the fruit are due to the pesticides present on it and some of the proteins that are considered as harmful allergens. Following are the treatments for the persimmon fruit allergy symptoms are:Persimmon Allergy Treatment

  • Avoidance of this Persimmon from the diet of the allergic patient is a great improvement to get rid of minor and major allergic reactions.
  • Use of intravenous corticosteroids and oral histamines for the treatment of angioedema and other skin diseases.
  • Wash the fruit twice before consumption. Washing is important to get rid of the pesticides present on it for its storage.
  • Consult the pediatrician for the persimmon allergy treatment of your babies.

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