Persimmon Flavoring, Extract and Uses

Here is complete discussion about Persimmon Flavoring, Extract and Uses. Persimmon is a fruit native to China. It has been cultivated there for centuries. Persimmon is grown in East Asia. It is also grown in cooler areas in north Thailand, Vietnam and sub temperate areas in USA, Australia, and New Zealand, South America and the Mediterranean areas of Europe. Trees of persimmon fruit remain undamaged for brief periods of drought. But the fruit of this tree will be larger and of high quality accompanied by regular watering. Extreme situation of low rainfall or watering can cause the leaves and fruits to drop prematurely.

Persimmon is an attractive ornamental backyard plant. In northern parts of Italy, persimmon tree was planted as ornamental beautiful landscape specimens. All parts of this fruit can be utilized for different purpose. It has uses in culinary, cosmetics, medical and industrial field. Number of studies has been carried out on extract of persimmon fruit. These researches indicate its medical uses. Experiments have been carried out to fulfill this aim and objective.Persimmon Flavoring , Extract and Uses

Persimmon Flavoring

Persimmon fruit has a pumpkin shape with bright to dark orange color and varies in shapes. It is used for flavoring in number of dishes recipes. Peel of this fruit is removed and eaten like apple.  Its flesh ranges from firm to mushy having a unique texture and sweet taste. High amount of dry matter is present in persimmon fruit. It is due to the presence of large amount of material in the group called “nitrogen free extract”. This includes sugar, starch and allied substance. Dried persimmon fruit is used to make traditional spicy Korean punch.Persimmon Flavoring

Matured fermented fruit is used to make persimmon vinegar. Leaves of persimmon fruit are used to enhance and improve the flavor of pickled radish. Roasted seeds of persimmon fruit are used as a coffee substitute. Persimmon fruit flavoring can be used in American culinary tradition. Persimmon fruit and persimmon flavoring can be used in cakes, cookies, pies, bread, puddings, salads and toppings for breakfast cereals. Persimmon pudding is interesting having consistency of pumpkin pie. It resembles brownie and always topped with whipped cream.

Japanese use flavoring and extract of persimmon fruit for making soaps. Persimmon flavored Aloe Vera is also made to be used. It is a natural and healthy persimmon flavor aloe Vera drink.

Persimmon Extract

Apart from eating the fruit, it is used in making medicine as well. It has vitamin A and C. It can be used for high blood pressure, fluid retention. It is also used in constipation, hiccough and stroke. Through the use of leaves extract of persimmon fruit, body temperature can be reduced and blood flow can be improved. Persimmon can be used in cosmetics. Japanese persimmon body washes are used for purifying and cleansing the body. This extract eliminates and removes aging and all body odors. It is a sulfate free extract that gently cleans and hydrates your skin. It is processed without stripping the natural oils.

It is good option for those to use who are having problems of bad body odor. Japanese skincare system of using persimmon body bar can replace your antiperspirant. It is known to be an anti-aging body odor product.

persimmon flavoring can be used for all types of body odors that arise when you go out without antiperspirant or deodorant. There is a secret ingredient for this purpose known as tannin. Tannin is an ingredient that comes from persimmon which is a dark orange Asian fruit. For extracting tannin, fruit is picked before its ripening. At that time it is still green and tart juice is produced. This juice has natural qualities that make it a great application for skin. It removes the bacteria that can cause body odor.

After using persimmon body bar, persimmon purifying and deodorizing body wash is sed. It contains persimmon tannin and green tea. At last purifying body spritzer with the combination of same ingredients is used when you feel extra odor protection.

Fat soluble extract can be obtained from persimmon fruit peel. Persimmon extract has antioxidant and antigenic activities.  Antioxidant and antigenic activities were significantly affected by heating.

Medical benefits and uses of persimmon extract

Studies show that seed extract of persimmon is potentially an inexpensive. It is source of antioxidant of food and pharmaceutical industries. According to the results of researches, persimmon peel extract has indicated therapeutic value. It acts as potential antitumor and multidrug resistance-reversing agents. Studies also indicated that acetone persimmon extract may be useful in acute promyelocytic leukemia therapy.  Persimmon leaf tea is useful for decreasing blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Experiments were done on mice to see the results of persimmon extract.Persimmon Extract

A study investigated the dietary effects of persimmon peel and persimmon peel ethanol extract on egg production, egg quality and liver lipids in late stage of egg laying hens. Results suggested persimmon peel as an effective feed additive for the improvement of production performance and egg quality in late stage egg laying hens.

Persimmon Extract Powder

Persimmon powder is commercially produced according to the following process:

  • getting juice of young astringent persimmon rich in persimmon tannin
  • fermentation and
  • then conversion of extract liquid into powder form by the method of spray drying

Persimmon Flavoring is prepared using traditional hand drying techniques. It is done 2-3 weeks before being shipped to market. It is known as hoshigaki in Japan, gotgam in Korea, hong kho in Vietnam. Persimmon dried is used in eating as a snack, dessert or for culinary purpose. The peel extract that is powdered can be used as a sweetener. This recipe has a unique Korean name “ghamnip cha”. Leaves of persimmon are dried and used for flavoring in tea. It is dried her tea. Natural persimmon extract powder is used for flavoring.

This fruit when dried can be used in the treatment of bronchial complaints. While when ground into powder it is used to treat dry cough. Dried persimmon can be regarded in a specific way for destroying parasitic worms, treating coughs, anthemorrhagic, reduce fever and as restorative.


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