Pineapple allergy Symptoms and Prevention

Pineapple is an amazing, most popular and prized fruit of the world. It has a juicy and a sweet pulp and consists of many small fruit lets which are fused together. This fruit is low in calories and consisting of a lot of nutrients which are related to health promotion. Pineapple fruit has so many vitamins and minerals which provide energy to the body. This fruit contain the compound bromelain. This compound has anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties which will help in proper digestion. Here we will discuss Pineapple allergy Symptoms.Pineapple Allergy Symptoms

Despite of so many health benefits some people are allergic to pineapple fruit. The immunological and physiological property of the body to the fruit is the main cause of these allergic symptoms. Most of the fruits trigger the allergies in different individuals. The allergies occurring by pineapple fruit will vary in its symptoms.

Pineapple Allergy Symptoms:

Following are the symptoms of pineapple allergy:

  1. Eczema
  2. Irritation
  3. Flushing
  4. Skin rashes
  5. Edema

There are also many of the digestive tract symptoms including:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Heart burn
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea

Some symptoms may include weight loss and blood in the stool.

Pineapple allergy symptoms may take several hours to occur after eating fruit. Allergic reactions caused by the fruits are mild to severe and may be limited to mouth or throat. It may cause the itching and swelling of the mouth, lips and tongue.

These fruit allergies may occur in patients who have pollen allergy too. The person who is allergic to pollen should have to use cooked fruits because cooking will destroy the pollen related fruit allergy. If a person is eating a pineapple fruit and he notices some of the discomfort or stomach ache then he must have to pay attention about the allergy caused by the consumption of certain fruits. These allergies some time mild and may progress to life-threatening conditions.

Red rashes occur in the body of a person after eating such type of fruits. Contact dermatitis is a skin infection caused by allergens present in pineapple fruits. Your immune system will interpret the toxic substances and causes allergies.

Pineapple Allergy Anaphylactic reactions:

Anaphylactic reaction is another example of Pineapple allergy Symptoms may cause a severe allergy which is basically responsible for severe anaphylactic shocks. It may include wheezing, shortlesness of breathe; fast heartbeat and it may also cause the blue coloring around the lips and nails. The people having allergy to pineapple also carry allergic reaction by some of the other fruits like peaches, banana and avocado etc. The main issue of the fruit allergy is based on genetics.

Pineapple fruit contain latex compound. Most of the persons are allergic to this compound and called as latex fruit syndrome. An enzyme called as bromelain is also responsible for promoting allergic reaction in humans.

Although pineapple fruits are very healthy for most of the processes occurring in the body. Like collagen present in this fruit is helpful for the maintenance of bones, skin and different tissues and organs of the body. Vitamin C in it will provide the antioxidant properties which will combat against the pro-inflammatory harmful free radicals of the body.


Pineapple allergy symptoms Toddlers:

Researchers have shown that over 5% of children carry specific fruit allergies. Consider your child having severe type of allergy if following of the symptoms occur in him by eating specific kinds of fruits. The symptoms are as under.

  • Congestion of nose
  • Sniffing (in children having hay fever)
  • Digestive issues

Children who are suffering from other allergic conditions like eczema or hay fever are more prone to fruit allergies then children who don’t have any allergy. Some of the children having abdominal pain, headache, migraine caused by these fruits.Pineapple Allergy Symptoms Toddlers

Pineapple fruit allergic symptoms are mostly inherited. If one or both of the parents carry this type of allergy then there are more chances of occurring allergic symptoms in children.

Allergic children contain antibodies in their immune system, which will react to the allergen so the symptoms start to occur. To prevent such type of reactions you must have to plan a balanced diet for your child. Allergic children have to avoid the certain types of allergy causing fruit in their daily diet.

Allergic reactions to pineapple juice:

When the immune system malfunctions and a person is consuming pineapple fruit juice then he will have a serious type of allergic reaction. Pineapple juice contains some specific proteins that trigger an overreaction to the immune system. Certain proteins present in the juice will undergo chain reaction which will release certain harmful chemicals which may cause allergies.

Its juice may also cause allergy to the stomach, eyes, respiratory system and skin. It may cause sinuses, headache and chest tightens.


Pineapple allergy Prevention and management:

To prevent all these allergies, one must have to use anti-allergic and to avoid the use of fruits in the diet to which they are allergic. The best option is to consult a doctor.

Pineapple Allergy FAQs

  1. Can pineapple cause allergy?

Yes, there is an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain, which breaks down the proteins. Moreover, if you are the one who has protein deficiency then it might be harmful for you.Eating pineapple excessively with such protein deficiency may harm you more than you think.

  1. Can pineapple upset your stomach?

No, pineapple can not upset your stomach, but some studies have found that it may cause gastrointestinal upset to your health. Nevertheless, it includes bromelain enzymes which can provoke or cause the release of histamine. Histamine is chemical, which is released by the body to protect it against various infections. But some people are very intolerant to histamine which can result in causing upset in the stomach.

  1. How do I know I’m allergic to pineapple? What are signs?

The allergy of the pineapple is very severe. If you get allergic to pineapple, so following are the signs:

  • Your lips and throat will begin itching
  • You will have an issue of intense pain in the stomach
  • Diarrhea will occur, and vomiting will start
  • Your palms, hands, and arms will start itching
  • Your face, neck, ear, and scalp will start swelling up
  1. Is it true that everyone is slightly allergic to pineapple?

Yes, the reason behind it is that, every person contains bromelain enzymes which break down the protein and cause you get allergic to pineapple. Hence, everyone is bit allergic to pineapple.

  1. Why does my stomach burn after eating pineapple?

Some of the reports say that the stomach burns due to acidity, but it is not true. The reason is that, pineapple contains enzyme bromelain which helps in breaking down the protein. Moreover, it is an amazing meat tenderizer. But you should not be worried about it because the acid in your Stomach will protect you.

  1. Why does my tongue feel weird after eating pineapple?

We are already known to the bromelain enzymes which is present in pineapple so it happened due to that enzymes. As it enters your mouth, it starts attacking your tongue, mouth, skin, and as well as lips. As there is nothing to worry about it because it happens to everyone.  

  1. Is it possible for a person to be allergic to fresh pineapples but not canned pineapples?

Yes, it is possible to have pineapple allergy from fresh pineapples. After eating, you feel the symptoms appearing soon or taking few hours. The first symptoms which are mostly observed are itching and hives. These are the first symptoms, most of the people have witnessed and witnessing.

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