Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Pineapple flavoring

Our topic of discussion is Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Pineapple flavoring but I will start with fruit history. Pineapple known as ananas in most of the countries was named by Columbus after the Spanish word “pina” meaning “pine of Indians” and Tupi word “nanas” which mean “excellent fruit”.  Pineapple is made up of several parts of elements of many flowers whose individual fruitlets combine around middle core. There is an eye on each fruitlet with a rough and spiny marking. Its shape is cylindrical. Fruit base contains more sugar content. Pineapple is one of the fruits processing supernatural healing power.

It is said that pineapple is richest source of enzyme in world known as bromealin. Its supernatural power of healing comes from bromelain, a protein- digesting enzyme present in it. They are available naturally in purified form but some of enzymes from plants can be obtained from plant or food extract. Concentrated food extracts are known as functional foods which contain various enzymes chemicals and nutrients. For example in pineapple extract vitamin A,B,C,D,E and K; calcium, phosphorous, iron; potassium, sodium magnesium and bromelain is present. There has been increase in demand of processed and canned forms of fruits. Flavors are used as for the increasing demand of natural flavoring. These can be used as imitation flavoring.Interesting Facts You Never Knew about Pineapple flavoring

Pineapple Flavoring:

In the process of flavoring, focus is on altering the flavors of natural food products. It also focus on making desired flavors of some foods such as candied and snacks. Three primary types of flavorings being used in foods are natural flavoring substances, nature-identical flavoring substances and artificial flavoring substances. Flavor and extract differ in measurement of strength of flavor which is obtained from same fruit. Flavoring substance known as Allyl hexanoate is distinguished by its few and far between occurrences in food; therefore its dietary exposure is necessary for its presence in food being used as added flavoring.  Mainly it is used in formulations of compounded pineapple flavoring.

Natural pineapple flavoring can be used in variety of baking including cookies, frosting, butter cream and cakes. This is concentrated pineapple flavoring. A small amount of pineapple flavoring is sufficient to produce delicious taste in cake or cookie. During the process of canning, bromelain is damaged, creating extract that can be used in baked goods and desserts.  Ingredients used in natural pineapple flavoring blend are propylene glycol, water, alcohol and natural flavor. This pineapple extract is free of sugar and gluten.

Pineapple Flavoring Extract

According to the book “Elixirs and Flavoring Extracts” by J. U. Lloyd, pineapple extract flavoring is favorite among people. It could also be assumed that majority of people prefer to use lemon, vanilla and orange, then comes pineapple. Pineapple extract is not made from fruit, fruit product and oil hence it is created from ethyl flavors that give odor of pineapples. In the strong favoring extract of pineapple, butyric ether, diluted alcohol and flavor are mixed together to make the taste accordingly with little addition of curcuma. It is then modified by using sufficient cochineal color in order to balance the bright yellow color. Ingredients used in the modified flavoring of pineapple extract are butyric ether, acetic ether; chloroform, diluted alcohol and color are mixed together. Diluted ether and alcohol is used in making of cheap pineapple flavoring extract.

Pineapple Extract

It is a process in which juice or water is strain from pineapple pieces. It is done by pouring pineapples (canned) with a strainer. After this, the pineapple is drained for some minutes. Alcohol is poured over a jar full of half drained pineapple pieces to cover them.  Flavor of recipes can be enhanced by pineapple extract. Pineapple extract can be used in baking cake, fudge, pancakes and fruit smoothie.  It can also be used with combination pineapple juice in sauces. Pineapple extract is used for making natural flavors and aroma and taste. They enhance flavors of fruits and can be used as an alternative of natural fruit.Pineapple Extract

According to researches carried out by the researcher it was found that “bromelain” is an enzyme that is extracted from the stems of pineapple. It is an enzyme used for medicine having various health benefits. Brolemain extracted from pineapple is indicated as being helpful inflammatory conditions like allergic airway disease especially of nose and sinuses; reducing swelling in inflammatory conditions such as acute sinusitis, sore throat, arthritis, gout. In this way bromelain can reduce pain and swelling as well as reduction of pain in people suffering from arthritis. It was concluded that the action mechanism in experiment can explain therapeutic benefits of bromelain in inflammatory conditions. In another research it was determined that pineapple extract contains some antioxidants that have skin soothing properties. In another research it was found that bromelain also reduces inflammation in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

According to new research study, pineapple extract in the powdered form found in stems of pineapple is used in treating deadly disease diarrhea in piglets. Professor Robert Pike said that Pineapple extract helps to prevent the bacteria that cause this disease. Attachment of bacteria to piglets’ stomach is inhibited by the pineapple extract. As a result bacteria cannot attack or reach those cells. A proper blend of ingredients and components in pineapple extract is needed to be worth useful for the treatment and hence lifesaving. It replaces the need of antibiotics. The antibiotics used in the treatment cause rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria which as a result affects consumers.

It can also be beneficial for excessive blood coagulation and in the treatment of certain tumor cells growth through therapeutic doses used in dietary supplement. It has been reported by some of healthcare practitioners that bromelain found in pineapple extract can improve digestion if used pineapple in their meal plan. No major side effects are observed except for some allergic reactions.Pineapple Flavoring

Most of us do not realize that pineapple is not just used for flavoring or garnishing in the food products but is a more useful for humans as a medicine. As mentioned above it can be used in the treatment of different problems along with its use in foods. As being helpful in treating indigestion, allergies and many more, it could also lead to various health issues or side effects if not used properly though bromelain has low toxicity.

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