Pineapple Fruit Facts

  1. Only one fruit by a single Plant. The strangest fact about the pineapple fruit is that its plant grows only a single fruit in two years. Strange? But it’s true.
  2. 50 Years. Do you know, the plant of the Pineapple fruit can give you pineapples for continuous fifty years?
  3. Long maturation time. The time of maturation is also one of the strangest pineapple facts. It takes round about 3 years for a single fruit to get mature.
  4. pineapple fruit name is because of its shape. The name was given to it by the European when they first saw it as it resemble to the pine cones.
  5. Planting your own Tree. Planting the tree of this fruit is also very easy. Just cut off the top of Pineapple fruit and burry it in the soil. You will have now your own plant. Isn’t it a one of the strangest pineapple fruit facts?
  6. Biggest pineapple fruit Producer. It was originated from the South America but now most of these are exported by the Southeast Asia. These days Thailand is the country that is producing it in a large quantity is on the top of the countries producing this fruit.Pineapple fruit facts
  7. Use everything. It always gives you a very special feeling when you don’t have to waste anything. Similar is the case with Pineapple, even its waste is not wasted as a large number of products like alcohol, animal food and vinegar is excreted out from its skin, core and the end portion.
  8. Pretty Flowers. One of the wonderful Pineapple fruits fact is that it really has a very beautiful and eye-popping flower. You can use the flower as a show piece and to decorate your garden too.
  9. It doesn’t ripen after it is harvested. Unlike many other fruits, it doesn’t use to ripen after it is harvested. It means that if you have bought one of these, then eat them it make juice out of it as it is not going to ripen more.
  10. Giant Tree. Another fact that should be among the top Pineapple Fruit Facts is that it has a giant tree and it seems that it will have a giant fruit in the soil.

Pineapple Fruit Health Facts

  1. Asthma prevention. If you want to prevent yourself from the asthma problem, then make it your habit to eat Pineapple fruits more as it helps to stop the asthma related problems.
  2. If you are facing any digestion diseases, then eat this fruit, as it is one of the Pineapple fruit health facts that it is very good against digestion problem because of the fibers and the water content.
  3. Eye Health. Macular degeneration is a problem that arises with the age which affects the eyes. Expert says that it is one of the Pineapple Fruit Health facts that it prevents the macular degeneration because of the Vitamin C that it contains.
  4. As it is a great source of Vitamin C, it fights against the major reasons that lead towards the cancer. So, if you want to fight against or prevent cancer eat or drink pineapple juice.

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