Things You Didn’t Know About Plum Flavoring

Plum is a juicy, oval fruit; purple and reddish in color contain flat stone which is usually pointed. It is a small edible fruit of the rosecae family of genus prunus, consists of a small tree as well as a large shrub. It is mostly cultivated in temperate areas like Japan, China, United States and Europe. Plum Flavoring is used for different flavoring, its taste ranges from sweet taste to tart flavor. This flavor is used in making jams, also can be fermented into plum wine. Dried plums are sweet, they have rich antioxidants in them, and are of varying tastes and flavor like salty, sweet and spicy flavors. Salty flavor plum is used for different snacks, other flavors can be added in creams and baking foods. Some of the flavoring substances like Licorice are also used to change its taste and to make different plum cakes and their toppings.

This fruit is in different appearance, aroma and flavor. In Central Asia, it is present in the form of pickled plum. Its large variety is used in making plum pastes and plum dumplings. One of plum flavor can be used to make a homemade recipe that is simple tomato salad, which is extremely delicious.

Plum fruit is mostly grown in orchards, contains 46 calories and 0 cholesterol. Its leaves are elongated and oval in shape. Plum flowers are white in color having long pedicles. It also provides pollination for insects like honeybee.

Plums can be stored for usage about 2-3 weeks but the rhizopus is the main problem for their storage. Different varieties of plum cross pollinate to produce different varieties of fruits with varying tastes and flavors. It is a good source of food for insects and mammals with good flavors.

Plum cake, plum jam, plum crumble can be made through plum flavoring.Things You Didn't Know About Plum Flavoring

Natural Plum Flavoring:

Natural plum flavoring is used to make beer and fruit wines. One teaspoon of Natural plum flavor is used in beverages, cookies and cakes. Natural plum flavor contain ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, natural flavor and water. It is supplementing in beers, wines and ice creams to increase aroma. Plums will come in different variety of size and colors. They will not grow in dry weather.

Greengages, another type of plum fruit, are green in color and used as a sweetener in different foods and dishes to get amazing flavors. Plums are high source of vitamin K, C and potassium and can be used as a dietary fiber and preserved to make jellies, jams, juices, puddings, toppings etc. Another type of plum called Victoria plum used to make pies and crumble for delicious flavoring, used as a flavor in chutneys, sauces, poultry and pork dishes.

It has health promoting nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Plum Extract:

Plum extract contains highest variety of plum fruit. It is important for maintaining proper metabolic functioning. Its extract prevents heartburn. Plum oil is extracted from its inner part or seed which can be used for cooking and baking purposes.Plum extract

Seeds of plum fruit contain hydrogen cyanide which is hazardous to health when used in high doses. On the other hand, plum extract have phytochemical compounds beneficial for human health. A gum extracted from plum tree can be used for adhesive purposes. Its seeds are used to make face wash which is helpful for dry skin and its wood is used in musical instruments and knife handles.

Plum extract contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium which maintain the fluidity of human blood.

Plum Extract Substitutes:

Many fruit extracts can be used to substitute with plum extract to make different dishes. Peaches, mangos, apricots, cherries, all of these can be substituted with plums for most of the recipes.

Green plum extract or Korean extract can be used in Korean cuisine as a sweetener. Many Korean food and tea can be made from the extract which is also beneficial for health. Plum flavor extract may bake Goods, pie, fillings and syrups. Dried plum extract have polyphenol content which prevent bone loss and restore bones.

Plum extract for skin:

Plum contains vitamins like vitamin C which helps for skin health and it removes the dark circles from the skin and protects it from UV radiation. It has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which fight against bacterial acne and reduce swelling and redness. It has two types of acids; Gallic acid which restore the skin cells, and Elegiac acid which is used for skin elasticity. It fights against wrinkles and blemishes. Plum juice is good for skin health and younger looking.

It plays its role in skin BB creams, lotions, skin toner, facial oil, anti-aging serums, and face anPlum Extract for Skind hair masks. It also contains phenols which reduces the body damage due to oxygen in aging process.

Potassium content in plum helps to prevent stroke, arthrosclerosis, and high blood pressure.  It has low glucose level so it helps to control the diabetes, also useful in treating breast cancer. It Helps to prevent the detioration of bone among post menupausal women.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene are richly present in plum fruit good for eye health and age related diseases of eye like macular degeneration. Vitamin B6 present in it maintains proper function of nervous system.

It has a lot of benefits in hair health and growth, remove dandruff and retain hair color. Good for the treatment of sunburn. Common cold and influenza, sore limbs and headache. Its vitamin C content absorbs iron in the body and prevents cancer.

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