Raspberry Flavoring and Raspberry Extract

When raspberries are not in season, artificial imitations of raspberry are used that seem far from being satisfactory. Artificial extracts could not be true representative of real fruit. This artificial imitation of extract helps as an alternative to be used for raspberry flavoring. The satisfactory formula being used to produce raspberry flavoring extract in commercial way includes two fluidounces fluid extract of orris root, one and half fluidounce of acetic ether, ten drops oil of cognac, five drops of butyric ether and 16 fluidounces of diluted alcohol. These above mentioned ingredients are mixed together, colored dark red by using tincture of cochineal. Color of raspberry is intensified in the formula of making raspberry extract. Mixture is filtrated if necessary after leaving it for few days.

Raspberry flavoring and extracts are being used in baking goods including different kinds of delicious cakes, smoothies, tea, drinks.Raspberry Flavoring and Raspberry Extract

According to books “The Herbal” and “A General History of Plants”, therapeutic uses of raspberry leaf were first described in 1597. However, red raspberry along with its leaves is used today as well in medicine. In Europe, red raspberry leaf is used in small quantities for flavoring. Is is used in purification of skin blood, for respiratory disorders and heart problems. Leaf of red raspberry is useful for applying sore throat and skin rash. Antioxidants in raspberry help in muscle relaxation, easing labor pain. Some women are also observed using raspberry leaf for morning sickness associated with pregnancy.

Raspberry Flavoring Syrup

Raspberry flavoring syrup has an efficient ability to mask the taste of sour substance, for instance hydrochloric acid.  Raspberry syrup can be used in coffee, yogurt, ice-creams and many other drinks. It can also be delicious addition to smoothies or baking goods. It is a great combination with iced tea. Sugar free raspberry flavoring syrup offers a taste of real sugar. Sugar free raspberry flavoring syrup compliments beverages as well.


Raspberry Extract

A term reinforced extracts (With Other Natural Flavors) has been developed by flavor trade. It is commonly referred as WONF. It means that in case of fruits extracts that demand strengthening of weak flavor strength other combination of natural flavors is added. According to flavor trade, a WONF flavoring means obtaining 51 percent of flavor from the basic extract and other remaining forty nine percent can be added from any other natural combination of flavoring. For example, in case of raspberry WONF will be 51 percent from the raspberry extract and 49 percent flavoring will be from orris root. Orris root contains ionone and it is also present in raspberry. As a result, WONF flavoring extract has several times flavoring strength as compared to the non-WNOF flavoring extract. Although flavor strength is improved, heat susceptibility defect stills remains there. Added flavorings diminish the natural ability of product.

A natural phenolic compound which is a primary aroma compound of raspberry is known as raspberry ketone. Strong aroma and flavor of raspberry is obtained from raspberry ketone. Synthetic version of raspberry ketone is used in cosmetic products, processed food and supplements of weight loss. It is also assumed that raspberry ketones help in regulating metabolism by increasing the level of hormone, “adiponectin”.  It has also become famous for its use as weight loss supplement.

It is claimed that raspberry ketones can help the body in burning fat by causing fat within cells break down more effectively. Molecular structure of raspberry ketone is similar to two known fat burning compounds. Those compounds help in breakdown of fat cells hence adiponectin can be released. According to the researches on mice and rat it was found that mice and rats were protected from weight gain and fatty liver. But there has been no evidence against weight loss by using raspberry ketones in humans. However it was found in a study that raspberry ketones can increase growth of hair and can improve the elasticity of skin.

Raspberry extract can be beneficial for products such as lip balms or facial lotion. It has also being used in many other organic beauty products.

A research has been quoted on raspberry extract in the book “Hydroxides—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Edition”. According to the research on Food Sciences by news reporter and editor at Food Weekly News, a research was reported in which raspberry extract was reported to show neuro-protective capacity among neuro- degeneration cell model. However the mechanism involved in raspberry extract mediated neuroprotection is not known. Aim of this study was to investigate neuro protective effect of raspberry extract association with the hindrance of peroxynitrite-induced damage of DNA.  Raspberry Extract for baking

Peroxynitrite-induced DNA damage is an event leading to Peroxynitrite-meditaed cytotoxicity. Findings of the study disclosed that Peroxynitrite can damage DNA and presence of raspberry extract was found significant in inhibiting, peroxynitrite-induced DNA cleavage. For the first time in any research about their association, it was concluded that raspberry extract acts as a protection against Peroxynitrite-meditaed DNA damage and hydroxyl radical formation.

In another research published in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (2012); carried out on the topic “anti-inflammatory effects of polyphenolic enriched red raspberry extract”, it was found that red raspberry polyphenols may protection of cartilage. It could modulate onset and severity of arthritis.

According to Hecht et al, (2006) certain bioactive fraction present in black raspberry and blackberry extract has been reported as being the cause of reducing or inhibiting tumors that are induced by N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine. Berry-derived products have been investigated for the associated health benefits. This aims at developing of new foodstuffs along with added nutritional value. Parry et all, (2006) says, recently, it was found that raspberry seed flour inhibit cell proliferation of cancer cells in human colon.

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