Red Pepper Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Food Taste in many countries is considered incomplete without Red Pepper. Although benefits of the chili or red pepper cannot be denied yet there are some Red Pepper Allergy Symptoms too. Here we will discuss Red pepper allergy babies, Can you be allergic to red peppers? Red pepper allergy rash and Why do red peppers upset my stomach?

Red pepper is also called Bell pepper. However, it is a commercially important crop that is present in different colors. These peppers are a rich source of hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidants. It is interesting to note that, red peppers were named by Christopher Columbus. In 1492, they were introduced in West Indies and then back to Europe. Most of the species of chili peppers are belonging to the family Solanaceae. Most of the researches have shown that adding up chilies into your diet will delay the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. allergic symptoms caused by the use of red pepper are as following:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Asthma

All of the related digestive and respiratory problems are held under these red pepper allergy symptoms. However the attractive red color of this pepper is due to the presence of several carotenoids. Therefore, food allergy is a serious cause of illness. It occurs when the immune system of an individual take any product of food as a harmful invader. While, this type of food allergy can take place in response to any food. Moreover, most of the common foods that are causing allergies are egg, soy, milk etc.

However, food allergy to red pepper or any type of chili or spice is much more common in children than in adults.

Crushed Red Pepper Allergy Symptoms

Crushed Red Pepper Allergy Symptoms:

Crushed red pepper is also a form of dried chili red peppers. However, most of the time this crushed form can be obtained from cayenne type peppers. Moreover, it is produced commercially by a variety of cultivars. Crushed red pepper is also used in variety of Italian dishes. If anyone of you wants to lose weight and get relief from pain then try to add crushed red pepper into your meals.

In some of the traditional forms of Indian medicines, this crushed red pepper is used to treat several digestive problems. However, the crushed red pepper mixture contains variety of other spices like jalapeno, bell, cayenne peppers and ancho. All these spices range from mild to severe hot spice.

Red pepper allergy symptoms from all types of spice or peppers are almost same. However, the spiciness of crushed red peppers depends upon the concentration of capsaicinoid compounds. These compounds are responsible for most of the serious types of allergies. Capsaicinoid compounds irritate the skin.

Red Pepper Allergy Babies:

The immune system of the babies is not fully developed. They have digestive and respiratory problems. If anyone among the parents is suffering from any type of seasonal or food allergy then children must experience same types of allergic reactions.

Spices are however ingredients that will improve the flavor and taste of the food. As we all know that spices are being driven from plants so they have the potential to cause allergic reactions. However, babies; if introduced to new food having spice or red pepper at a very early age then they may develop red pepper allergy symptoms. Red pepper allergy in babies includes:

  • Urticaria
  • Eczema
  • Facial swelling
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Severe cough

The immune system of your babies incorrectly identifies the allergen present in red pepper and stimulates mast cell to release histamine. However, these histamines are responsible for the cause of allergy symptoms in your baby’s skin, nose, respiratory system, throat and digestive system.

Red Pepper Allergy Babies

Red Pepper Allergy Rash:

However, allergic reactions in response to red pepper occur just after few minutes or several hours after exposure. As we all know that skin is the most prominent organ of the body that will carry allergic symptoms immediately. After red pepper allergy rash, an individual may experience a runny nose and skin rash that is also called as hives.

Moreover, sniffing and sneezing are also some of the common allergies while smelling red pepper. All types of peppers and spices are present in many products. Moreover, if you are allergic to red pepper allergy rash then you might get swelling, irritation and itching of the fingers and hand after putting some of the red pepper on your hand.

However, contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis is a serious condition that will occur after the use of red pepper. Other red pepper skin allergic reactions include:

  • Scaly skin
  • White patches
  • Blisters
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Angioedema
  • Red welts

Mostly hives may occur as a result of hay fever. The first ever red pepper allergy symptom you will notice for your hive is itchiness of the skin and eruptions on the skin.


Red Pepper Allergy Treatment:

Red pepper is used in different dishes to enhance the taste and flavor; it might carry most of the health benefits for all of the individuals. But stop! It is not that good for allergic patients. If any allergic patient is using red pepper then there are some treatments for them.

A severe life threatening reaction to red pepper allergy is anaphylaxis. It will need an immediate medical treatment. If left untreated, it might cause death in certain individuals.

For proper red pepper allergy treatment, proper diagnosis is important. The diagnostic tests are held by skin prick test and blood tests. These blood samples will identify the allergen and then will be treated accordingly.

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