Strawberry Allergy Symptoms and Prevention

Strawberry fruit is called as the queen of all the fruits.  It is the Perennial and nutrient rich fruit. This fruit contains much of the benefits for humans but with these benefits, it may trigger several types of allergies as well. Strawberry fruit contains many phytonutrients which will help in the promotion of health. Our topic is relevant to Strawberry Allergy Symptoms and Prevention

A fully ripe strawberry may have a delightful taste but if some people have allergy to this fruit then this sweet taste will cause a range of symptoms. It will cause a strange and uncomfortable feeling to your mouth. Allergic symptoms occur after sometime of the consumption of certain type of fruits. Strawberry fruits which are red in color contain a protein which have specific structure like birch pollen. People who are allergic to this pollen may develop same symptoms while eating strawberries.

It may also lead to the anaphylactic shock due to strawberry, which is dangerous and require an immediate medical treatment.

Strawberry Allergy Symptoms Toddler:

These types of Strawberry allergy symptoms are inherited. If one person of the family gets the specific allergy from Strawberry fruit then the other person of that family is also get allergic.  To take a precaution, your children should not have to eat the strawberry fruits until they are 1 year old. If your child gets allergic symptoms after eating this fruit then there is a simple solution just avoid this fruit from his diet. Some of the children may also develop a fruit allergy even if they don’t have a family history of that allergy. There is important to add new fruits into the diet of toddlers.

When your baby eats a specific fruit to which their body get allergic, so their immune system will react to that fruit. Immune system will diagnose a virus or bacteria. These are the microorganisms present in the fruit responsible for allergic reactions. Immune system in result will release histamine which will cause variety of Strawberry allergic symptoms.

Strawberry Allergy Symptoms

Strawberry Allergy Lips:

This fruit belongs to the rosacea family. If a person has any type of allergy belonging to some other fruits of that family than he must have a strawberry fruit allergy too. It may cause a severe reaction in the allergic patients. These reactions attack on mouth because it is the first organ which comes in contact with the fruit. Allergy caused by strawberry fruit is called the oral allergic syndrome which may include itchy mouth, scratchy throat and inflammation of the lips. This type of allergy will be resolved after sometime.

If a person is allergic to some fruit then it is not important that he is allergic to eat that fruit in raw state. By using strawberries in different flavoring as in cakes and for the decoration in desserts, it may cause severe type of allergic reaction. The important and the easy way to eliminate this allergy is the avoidance of the use of that fruit into your daily diet. If you are not having allergy to other fruits then you can use it for different flavoring purposes.

Strawberry Allergy Rash:

There are some studies which have been shown that the strawberry fruit without red color is less allergic.

If you are allergic to this fruit then your immune system will make IgE antibodies which will undergo a specific allergic reaction. It has been studied that the fruit allergic symptoms occur after two hours of ingestion.

These strawberry  allergy symptoms are most common to your skin.  Pruritus, hives, and contact dermatitis are the common skin rashes occurred by strawberry fruit. You may develop skin rashes, redness and spots on face, hands and arms. In some cases scratchy skin may occur which is really very itchy and it may lead to severe skin diseases. Along with scratchy skin, one should be suffering from congestion of nose, watery and swelled eyes.                                                                                            Strawberry Allergy Rash

Some severe strawberry allergy symptoms occur due to fruit intolerance. Fruit intolerance has many factors like some of the fruits may lack certain enzymes for proper digestion.

Most of the people having family history including asthma and eczema which will increase the chances of allergy.

Strawberry allergy baby:

some of the acidic fruits like citrus fruits or some kinds of strawberries may cause irritation around the mouth of your baby. These may be given to your babies as a finger fruit. Introduce your babies to strawberry fruit into mashed form.

Strawberries provide much of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin k, folate, magnesium, copper etc. All of these compounds are beneficial to your babies. But there may be some allergic symptoms too.

Due to strawberry fruit allergy most severe type of respiratory symptoms may occur in babies. These types of allergies occur by eating raw strawberries or by eating strawberry flavored things like ice creams etc. It may block the bronchioles causing breathlessness, Chest pain, dizziness, shock; fainting etc. in adults, the air way is blocked causing respiratory problems, swelling of tongue, drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

Gastro intestinal symptoms may occur in babies and adults include abdominal pain, swelling, stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea.

Strawberry allergy Prevention:

Strawberries allergies are rare, but their symptoms may be lifelong. Due to its rareness it can avoided. Allergies grow worse with time, if you think you are suffering from some allergy you may have to consult your doctor. Doctor will do a skin test e.g. skin prick test to diagnose the allergy. Blood test may also be done in this case to see the antibodies present in the body for a specific allergen. In severe cases, patients may be referred to an allergic specialist.

If a person is suffering from strawberry  allergy symptoms like rhinitis and sneezing. He can use some of the medicines like hydroxyzine, loratadine and diphenhydramine etc. before using these types of medicines, make sure that you are properly aware of their side effects.

In anaphylactic shocks, one should have to seek the emergency intervention.

One should have to take care of fruits while selecting them for meals. You should have to diagnose that allergy, and have to take antihistamine for mild allergic reaction. You may use white and pink strawberries instead of red strawberries. Other solution is to avoid the consumption of that fruit which causes allergy.

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