Top 9 Avocado fruit facts

Each fruit is different in taste,nutrition and health facts.Here are 9 unique avocado fruits facts.

  1. Avocado’s taste is creamy, buttery, rich and smooth. These facts make them different from other fruits.
  2. The color change from green to purple/black indicates the ripeness of avocado fruits.
  3. Mexico is top avocados production country.
  4. Depending on the size, a whole avocado contains 250-280 calories.
  5. Average avocado weight is about 6 ounces (160-170 grams)
  6. Average Height of avocado tree is 30-40 feet, however, some verities can grow up to 80 feet. Different verities have different tree heights.
  7. Avocado tree takes at least 7 years to b
    ear fruits after growing the tree from seeds.
  8. The avocado tree can produce up to approximate one million flowers but will only set 100 to 200 fruit out of one million flowers.
  9. There are hundreds of varieties of avocado fruits but 7 varieties are most common and grown in California. Each variety is different in taste, color, size, and weight.


Avocado fruit factsAvocado fruit

Avocado fruit health facts

  1. Avocados are incredibly healthy food. Forget the fact that they’re high in fat. The type monounsaturated fat these contain is heart healthy.
  2. Avocados can help to reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) levels while raising the amount of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in your body. LDL cholesterol sometimes is called “bad” cholesterol while HDL is good for body. This fact helps to regulate blood pressure.
  3. Avocados’ rich levels of monounsaturated fats help to regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, avocado seeds are used for the diabetes treatment.
  4. Avocado fruits are a great source of lutein, carotenoids and Zeaxanthin. Liver converts the carotenoids into vitamin A that is transferred to back of eyes to improve night-vision. Lutein is an antioxidant helps prevent radical damage to areas of your eyes and brain that are responsible for storing the entire thing that you see. Therefore Lutein is very helpful in maintaining eye health.
  1. Avocados contain plenty of fiber, 18 amino acids and vitamin A which help to improve immune system by maintaining metabolism and development of white blood cells.
  2. Avocados are rich in vitamins. This fact makes them really good for skin and hairs. Eating fresh avocados or making past/mask for your face and hair both ways are helpful in reducing pimple, blackheads, acne treatment for getting a nice and younger look.
  3. Avocado’s beneficial fiber, vitamin C and B-Complex Vitamins help to improve digestion system.
    Dietary fiber absorbs water to soften our stool and reduce constipation problem. Vitamins B-complex supports healthy digestion by helping your cells to drive energy from your foods.
  4. Avocado fruit important fact. Avocados contain good kind of fat with low cholesterol level so they are naturally good for health but if you overeat avocados they will put extra weight on you. If you eat only one avocado then avocados are not fattening.

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