Vanilla Flavoring and Extract

Vanilla flavoring are extracted from the vanilla beans with alcohol. Distillation destroys the gentle fragrance of the aromatic compounds. During the production of vanilla flavor, blends of grades of vanilla flavor are extracted. Vanilla flavoring extractions are produced to meet the requirements of the ice-cream, confectionery, bakery and other food industries. There are number of preferred combinations of Bourbon bean for making vanilla flavor.Vanilla Flavoring and Extract

The chemical composition of vanilla still needs to be understood while extracting vanilla or imitation vanilla flavor. Vanillin is found in small amounts in fully ripen beans. It is only one of the compounds of flavor. Overall flavor of beans is improved completely during the curing process. Yet in constituents of natural flavor of cured vanilla beans, only vanillin is imitated. In this imitated flavor, the contributions made to flavor by the other natural constituents of vanilla are largely missing. This is known as imitation vanilla flavor.

Pure vanilla flavor contains delicate yet rich and mellow aroma. The imitation flavor has a grassy and heavy odor. Vanilla extract has a delicate, mellow after taste in flavor. Imitation vanilla has a less pleasant after taste. Artificial vanilla has many names including artificial vanilla extract, artificial vanilla flavor, artificial vanilla flavoring, imitation vanilla extract, imitation vanilla flavoring, vanilla essence and vanilla flavoring. Concentrated vanilla flavoring extract contains contents of ethyl alcohol that are not less than 35 percent.

Vanilla Flavoring syrup

Vanilla coffee syrup made from vanilla extract for having vanilla flavoring can be made at home as well. For this you need water, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, vanilla bean and vanilla extract. Water, sugar and vanilla beans are whisk together in a medium saucepan over medium to high heat. Bring this mixture to a boil and heat is reduced. Simmer it about five minutes and let the sugar completely dissolved. After this remove it from heat and stir in vanilla extract. Once the mixture has cooled, remove the vanilla bean and pour the syrup into a glass bottle. Store it in refrigerator. Vanilla flavoring syrup is ready to be used in coffee or drinks.

Homemade vanilla syrup has a beautiful vanilla flavor. Its color is golden brown and perfect syrupy texture. A hint of caramel flavor can be added with homemade vanilla syrup to coffee.

Vanilla Extract

A solution containing flavor compound vanilla as primary ingredient is called vanilla extract. Vanilla extract can be prepared as a solution in aqueous ethyl alcohol having strong and pleasant taste. Aqueous ethyl alcohol is having odorous principles as well. This should be extractable from vanilla beans. Components or constituents of vanilla may be extracted directly from vanilla beans. It may be added in the form of concentrated vanilla extract, vanilla flavoring concentrate or concentrated vanilla flavoring. Finally they are added in a semisolid from called vanilla oleoresin. One or more of the ingredients found in vanilla extract are following:Vanilla Extract

  • Glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Corn syrup

Vanilla extract color can be influenced by the quality of the beans, strength of alcoholic menstruum, duration of extraction and the presence of glycerin. It is added to retard evaporation and to retain the flavor of the extract. Dark beans maintain darker color as compared to the moist beans. Glycerin helps to deepen the color of the extract. As the strength of alcohol is decreased, the amount of extractable color also decreases.

“Vanilla extract” or “Extract of vanilla” is the specified name of food. Vanilla extract can be found in 1 to 10 fold strengths. Household vanilla extracts are almost single-fold strength. Industrial users prefer two-fold and higher strength extracts. They use it in ice-creams, chocolates, candy, bakery, beverages. Two-fold or higher is also used by many other food manufacturers.

Natural vanilla flavoring is made from real vanilla beans. It contains little to no alcohol. Natural vanilla extract can be referred to as pure vanilla extract and vanilla extract. Pure vanilla extract is derived by softening and filtering vanilla pods. These vanilla pods are mixed in solution of ethanol and water.

Vanilla extract storage

Vanilla extract when stored in wooden barrels, absorb tannings and undesirable flavors. It should not be stored in wooden barrels. Vanilla extract should not be stored in aluminum, lead, nickel, zinc or copper containers. Hence it should be commonly store in stainless steel or glass containers. Time of aging and tempo of oxidation has a direct dependency between them.  Forthcoming changes in the esters produce quality of aroma and taste in vanilla. When oxidation is slower, better are the forthcoming changes.

Powdered vanilla or vanilla powder can also be extracted from the vanilla beans. It is made either by mixing ground beans with sugar or by extracting the flavoring from the beans and then mixing with sugar. Vanilla powder is free of alcohol and it is made from the dried pulverized beans. Sugar may be added depending on the brand. Vanilla powder can be used to make cooked desserts such as custard.

Vanilla extract Substitute

If there is a situation in which you are out of vanilla extract, or you don’t want to use it due to some reasons, vanilla extract substitutes is the solution. Vanilla extract substitutes can help in maintaining the taste or recipe on track.

Vanilla extract can be used as substitutes with maple syrup. It can also be replaced with pancake syrup. Changes in the flavor of recipe will be subtle.  Almond extract can be used half of the amount of vanilla extract. Less is required in this case because it is a very strong flavor. Orange, lemon peppermint flavors can also be used as a vanilla extract substitute according to the compliment with other ingredients in the recipe. Vanilla milk, vanilla flavored almond and soy milk can also be used instead of vanilla extract. Vanilla extract can be replaced with equal amount of vanilla paste or vanilla powder. When you are available with more than one substitute of vanilla extract, choose the one that goes closely with flavor of vanilla extract.

Vanilla flavoring vs extract

Vanilla flavoring and vanilla extract are two of the mostly used flavoring used in cooking. It adds vanilla flavor and vanilla essence in the recipes. Both can be used in baking, cakes pastries and other sweet foods. Vanilla extract is more expensive as compared to vanilla flavoring. That is the reason behind the fact that people mostly choose to use vanilla flavoring instead of vanilla extract. Vanilla extracts are made from the real natural vanilla beans while the vanilla flavorings are made from artificial ones or imitations. Both of these products have different flavors when used on foods. In order to achieve a real taste chefs prefer to use vanilla extract instead of vanilla flavorings. Vanilla extract provides more richer and abundant taste. Vanilla flavorings undergo some chemical processes while manufacturing.

Vanilla extract should contain ethyl alcohol not less than 35 percent by volume and content of vanilla constituents. The process of making vanilla flavoring is similar to the making of vanilla extract. But, it contains less than 35% ethyl alcohol by volume. Final product may have sugar but it is not required. Imitation vanilla extract is known as primarily vanillin. It is most often extracted from wood pulp. Vanilla flavoring or vanilla flavor may contain a combination of vanilla extract and imitation flavor.


Vanilla flavoring for coffee and soft drinks

Vanilla flavoring used in coffee and soft drinks makes them more delightful and delicious. Vanilla syrup as one of the popular and versatile flavor makes coffee and drinks into something even better and add sweet flavors. It feels delicious every time it is added.  It is pure, clean and creamy vanilla flavor syrup.Vanilla Flavoring for Baking

Vanilla Essence

Vanilla essence is a gradually high concentrated, expensive and pure vanilla extract. In Britain, vanilla essence means imitation vanilla.

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