Where are Bananas grown in the World? Top Countries

Today, Banana is said to be the most popular fruit in the world. About 100 billion bananas are being eaten every year.  The banana fruit is originated from Southeast Asia.  It is an edible fruit, belonging to the genus Musa. All the species of the Bananas are native to Australia and Indomalaya. It is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. The banana plant was first domesticated by farmers of Southeast Asia. This region is also called the primary diversity of banana fruit. Today, the vast majority of the cultivation of banana is used for the consumption of people and for sale in the local markets. Here we will discuss where Bananas are grown in

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • South Africa 
  • Pakistan
  • and some other countries

In addition, these types of fruits are being grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and America. Moreover, banana fruit is considered to be the world’s number four dietary staple food after rice, corn and wheat. About 80 million tons of bananas produced worldwide. The scientific name of banana fruit is Musa sapientum. Although this fruit contains 75% of water and it is easy to digest. According to Islamic tradition, banana fruit is called as the food of paradise.  They were discovered by the Portuguese. Banana fruits are the world’s most often consumed fruits.

Where are Bananas Grown in the World?

Where are Bananas grown in the United States(USA)?

Banana fruits are grown in more than 150 countries. This fruit is full of nutrients and Vitamin A. This Vitamin A is good for sharp vision. Potassium, a mineral electrolyte is also present in it, which gives a good and healthy heart. The word banana comes from the Arabic word banana meaning finger.  Although, the first banana farm was established in the region Florida. Banana fruits are also been cultivated in different states of USA like:

  • Pacific Northwest
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Southern Idaho

However, after Florida, Hawaii is the second largest producer of banana. United States ranking at the 4th number where Bananas are grown in the World.

Where are Bananas grown in Canada?

The Canadian’s belief was that their fruits are so much tasty than the other fruits that buy from the supermarket.  However, it is a fast growing herb from the same family of lilies and orchids. Banana plant is cultivated in humid, tropical climate. In Canada, processing and preservation of banana is carried out to increase the life cycle of this fruit. Ontario is the major place in Canada that grows bananas.  These trees are easy to grow even in pots, with full of sunlight. Canada grows 100 of different varieties of banana fruit.

Moreover Canada opened its market for the Indian fruits like banana and mango.  More than half of the banana varieties exported from India to Canada is Cavendish varieties. Bananas are grown both in homestead and on commercial areas.

Where are Bananas grown in Australia?

Banana fruits are said to be the strange and exotic alien fruit. First of all, Chinese introduced banana in Australia. Today, banana fruits are being grown in the tropical and sub-tropical regions. The Australian fruit industry is touching its peak value in the production of banana fruit. In the region of Northern Queensland, more than 90% of the banana fruit is being grown.

All fresh banana fruits in Australia are locally grown there. Therefore, bananas are considered to be the world’s best tropical fruit in the world. Its tree needs gardeners to survive and for their proper growth. Bananas are well suited to frost free, warm and coastal climatic conditions.

The Australia’s main banana growing area is between Babinda and Cardwell near northern Queensland. This area produces about 70% of the banana fruit production. Moreover, this banana fruit is the most popular fruit of the Australian nation. Low prices of bananas have encouraged most of the people to buy this fruit frequently.

It has been estimated that about 341,000 tons of banana fruit is produced in Australia each year. It is the major fruit in the Australian economy. Its production is at its peak during the summer season and the hotter environment.

Where are Bananas Grown in Australia??

Where are Bananas grown in India?

After mango fruit, banana is the second most commonly growing fruit in India. Its medicinal and nutritive value makes it the beloved fruit. This fruit is mostly used in sweet dishes and cuisines in the Kerala state of South India. In India, Buddhist mentioned banana as the most nutritive fruit.

India is the major producer of this fruit. Maharashtra produces 25%, Tamil Nadu produces 20%, and Kerala and Andhra Pradesh are the important states in India that produce banana fruits. Total annual production of this fruit being grown in India is about 16.91 million tons.  It is the economically important fruit of India. Moreover, banana fruit is cultivated in India in an area of about 830.5 thousand ha. This fruit is iron-rich that prevents most of the child deaths in India.

India’s fertile soil is the major contributor in the production of varieties of bananas.


Where are Bananas grow in Kenya?

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of Kenya. Banana fruit is being grown in Kenya as a staple food. The farmers present in Kenya grown food crops on large and small scales. Most farmers in Kenya adopt the farming technologies that provide planting materials and a high yield of crops. Tissue culturing is the famous technique in Kenya for the better crop production of banana fruits.

In addition to that, humid conditions of climate of Kenya allow the growth of banana. It is the most popular fruit among the Kenyan community. Banana fruit yield well in an area where the average rainfall is 1000-2500 mm.  They require well drained and deep soil for their growth.  This fruit is mainly cultivated in Southern and eastern regions of Kenya. Kisii is the major banana producing state of Kenya. The most important markets in Kenya that sell banana are:

  • Gikomba
  • Wakulimaretail
  • KorogochoMarkets in Nairobi

Where are Bananas grown in South Africa?

Banana fruit is being grown under the tropical, sub tropical and sub optimum temperatures of the South Africa. In African region, most of the bananas are eaten as fresh, cooked, processed in different dishes and salads and can be eaten in fried form. There are different varieties of the banana fruit that are grown in South Africa. The Cavendish variety of this fruit is grown in western, eastern and southern Africa.

Mpumalanga province is the major province that produces banana fruit. The total 60% of its land is under banana cultivation. They are considered as the commercially most important subtropical fruits being grown in South Africa.  The other States where bananas are grown in South Africa are:

  • Limpopo
  • Kiepersol

The main area accounts for the production of this beneficial fruit are North and South Coasts of Kwa-Zulu Natal. 1700 ha of total are of this region cultivate a large amount of banana. The industry in South Africa that produces banana is the major contributor of employment in banana production and processing.

These fruits are destined for the fresh use available in the local markets. South Africa now developed a large amount of tissue cultured banana plants that are exported to different countries like Taiwan, West Africa and Latin America. South African bananas are being sold for domestic purposes.

Where are Bananas Grown in South Africa?


Where do Bananas grow in Pakistan?

The banana fruit is called as the major fruit crop in Pakistan. This fruit belongs to the Musaceae family. Due to lots of benefits, banana fruit ranking the best fruit for human consumption. It is very popular fruit in Pakistan. Its cultivation is carried out at an area of 31000 ha.  However, total production of banana fruit in 2008 and 2009 was 190.7 million tons.

The most important area that plays a major role in the production of this fruit is Sindh with total production of 145.7 million tons. It is also grown in NWFP, Baluchistan and Punjab. Fully ripened banana fruit is full of carbohydrates and potassium, which is beneficial for health. It is called as a stable food which is used as raw form.

Banana production has the potential for the employment chances for the farm workers of Sindh and Balochistan. Pakistan produces about 154,800 tons of banana fruits. It is called as the premier fruit of Asia and Pacific regions.

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