Where are Grapes Grown in the World?

Botanically Grape fruit is called as a berry. Grapes are belonging to the genus vitis. It is a part of the woody vine of a flowering plant and contains 69kcal of energy. Grape fruit’s cultivation began about 6000 to 8000 years ago in the East. This fruit grow in clusters. It contains vitamins, minerals, anthocyanins that are important for the health of the body tissues. These essential compounds will reduce the risk of developing harmful diseases. Here we will discuss Where are Grapes grown in the World? It is estimated about 75,866 square kilometers of the world is producing grape fruits. Most of the grapes are commercially cultivated that are known as wine grapes and table grapes. Global grape production is estimated to about 75 million metric tons per year. The origin of this fruit is native to Asia, North America and Europe.

Vineyards have covered 25 million acres of the earth land. Each year 72 million tons of grapes are being produced all over the world. There are about 8000 varieties of grapes in the world.

Where are Grapes grown in the US?

United States is on the third ranking of grape producing countries in the whole world. National Agricultural Statistics Service estimated that US produce 7.4 tons per acre of grapes. Most of the grapes that are produced in these countries are exported to supermarkets for sale.US imports about 500,000 tons of grapes every year. All varieties of these grapes are grown in favorable climatic zones in the US. The grapes that are grown for juices, wines and eating are grown in a limited area in these countries. Grapes are being grown on a suitable type of soil with proper water drainage and wind.

Market research is important before growing grapes. The grapes that are grown are selected on criteria that what the market wants to buy. It has been showed that USA imports 25% of their grapes from Chile.

Where are Grapes Grown in the World

Where are Grapes grown in Australia?

In 1778 the first grapevine producing material was introduced in Australia. However, today these grapes are being produced in all territories. Australia has the largest grape producing industry that have temperate to tropical climate for its growth. However, in a comparison worldwide, it was shown that Australia is the 14th largest grape producing country in the world. The industries in Australia that produces grapes are well organized, well developed and innovative. They are full of nutrients and health benefits. Now days, all states of Australia are growing grapes, but most of its production takes place in the temperate zone.  The top most states of Australia that are producing grapes are as under:

  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • New South Wales

In Australia, for the production of grapes, soil is being prepared. Because soil of Australia is low in phosphorus while phosphorus is an important component for the growth of grapes.

Where are Grapes grown in Mexico:

Grapes are the fruits that are being eaten by all humans. They contain low levels of sodium and cholesterol that will decrease the heart problems.  For this reason, like many other countries Mexico also produces large amount of grapes.

6200 acres land was estimated to grow grapes in Mexico. The grapes that grow in Mexico requires mild, dry climate. Sandy and fertile soil is good for their growth.  Many varieties of grapes are also grown in Southern New Mexico. The type of grapes that is grown in Mexico is Vinifera. Some of the varieties of American grapes are also grown in the northern New Mexico.


Grapes grown in Chile:

The Grapes are considered as the first fruit that is cultivated by mankind. Chile is the ninth largest country that produces grapes. This country produces about 50 different varieties of grapes. Furthermore 30% of the area of Chile produces table grapes. In southern hemisphere, this country is on the top most ranking for the production of table grapes. The season for their growth is from November to August.  They are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Chile produces this fruit mainly to export it to Europe and North America.

Where do Grapes grow in India:

Grapes are popular fruit used by the world to eat, to makes jams and jellies etc. It is also a famous agricultural crop all over the world. Grape cultivation is one of the rewarding processes in India. They were introduced in North India by the Persians.  They are grown in sub tropical and hot tropical climatic regions in India. These regions include Ferozpur, Ludhiana, and Delhi. Above 80% of the table grapes are consumed in India. The government of India is also supporting the farmers and grape industries of the country for their production. 1000,000 tonnes of production of grapes has occurred in India.

Where do Grapes Grow in India?

Grapes grown in Italy:

The areas of the central Italy harvest an increased amount of grapes. Italy is considered as the world’s greatest wine producer. The grapes production occurs in Italy in the regions of Puglia and Sicily. Italy is said to be the home for some oldest wine producing regions. Most of the grape growth is intended for the production of wine. The production of wine from grapes is started from 5000 BC. This vine has been cultivated from different verities of grapes.

Countries where grapes are grown they store the grapes and then produce wine from them. The ideal condition for storage of these grapes is a humid environment. There are so many vineyards in Italy starting from Lombardy to Puglia and every region in between them. It has been estimated that on average, one acre of grapes can produce about 15000 glasses of vine.

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