Where are Strawberries grown in the World?

Strawberry fruit is originally called as a berry, also called as the garden strawberry. This delicious fruit belongs to the Kingdom Plantae and genus Fragaria. Strawberry fruit is cultivated worldwide. The first strawberry fruit was grown in France. Here we will discus Where are Strawberries grown in

  • USA
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Canada
  • India
  • South Africa

These are famous as a fresh fruit, after apples. It contains lots of vitamin C and is high in fiber content. Strawberries are an excellent source of providing bone health. In addition, the antioxidants present in this fruit will prevent from loss of memory and it will prevent from developing cancer.

Moreover, in 16th century most of the people started using this berry for different medicinal purposes. It is a juicy, red colored fruit, widely grown all over the world. These berries are popular for their distinctive succulent nature, aroma and the juicy texture. Strawberry fruits can be consumed as a fresh fruit and are stored for future use. However, the cultivars of this fruit differ in many characteristics. They are different in color, degree of fertility and liability of disease. They can be planted outdoors and also indoors in strawberry pots commercially or at local level for personal fruits needs.

This fruit is a hybrid of two wild strawberry species from North America and Chile. This fruit contains 91% of water content. Pelargonidin is the main anthocyanin which is responsible for their color. According to the flowering habitat, Strawberry fruits are cultivated in groups. If you are looking the countries Where are Strawberries grown then USA is the world’s largest strawberry producer followed by Spain, Turkey, Korea, Russia and Japan.

Where are Strawberries grown in the World?

Where are Strawberries grown in Australia?

Strawberry fruits are well grown in all states of Australia. In 2005, the total 600 growers are involved in the production of strawberry in the industry of Australia. It is famously grown in the coastal regions. On the world scale, Australia was considered to be the world’s 28th largest strawberry producer. These fruits are mostly low-growing, leafy plants. They grow well-drained soil with humus. Most of the regions of Australia produce strawberry fruits are:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria

Strawberries can be grown in any region of Queensland. But the Southeast Queensland and its warm areas are the best places for the commercial production of Strawberries in Australia. They are short-term fruiting cycle plants that grown in different regions of Australia. Moreover, this fruit ripens like a true, fleshy fruit. Its flowers are hermaphroditic. The bulk of strawberry fruits follow a plasticulture method for their cultivation. In this method, strawberries are being grown on bed mounts using black plastic.

Therefore, strawberry plants produce pollen and nectar for their growth on different regions. Some of the Western Australia produces strawberry fruit on 170 hectares of area. Sandy, loam or light clay soils are the best for the production of strawberries.

Strawberries grown in the United Kingdom:

The British fruit industry is one of the best leading industries in the world. The growth of strawberries and raspberries are the famous rural business in United Kingdom. However, berries represent the most important commercial market in the United Kingdom. The sale of the berries in the superstores of United Kingdom has increased up to 130% during the last four years.

The British strawberry was considered as a traditional treat. They were grown in the months of June and July. Strawberries are grown in 1097 hectares of land in the United Kingdom. Total agriculture in the United Kingdom covers about 69% of the country’s total land area. Moreover, they are highly ranked among the top sources of phenolic antioxidants that will decrease the chances of developing cancer. The primary cultivar of this fruit in the United Kingdom is Elsanta.

Where do Strawberries grow in United Kingdom?

Where are Strawberries grown in Canada?

Strawberry fruits are among the famous berries that are being cultivated in Canada. Strawberries are grown in different areas of Canada. They are as follows:

  • Ontario produces about 32% of the strawberry fruit.
  • Nova Scotia produces 7.9%.
  • Quebec produces about 36% of this fruit.

However, other areas of Canada that produce different varieties of strawberry fruit are British Columbia, New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Originally all the strawberries are grown in Northern Europe but they are also cultivated in all other states of the world. Moreover, strawberry fruit is an interesting and rewarding fruit to grow. These plants have ornamental values. The soil used for the growth of strawberry fruit is graved by the use of organic matter. In France, this fruit was used as a medicinal herb and it was cultivated in the late 17th century. Today, every province of the Canada grows strawberry plant. Strawberries need 8 hours of sunlight for their best yield.

For the production of better crop it will prefer slightly acidic soil whose pH is from 5.5 and 8. This fruit grows best in temperate climates. Strawberry fruits are usually harvested when half of their skin color changes.

Where do strawberries grow in India?

Strawberries have gained considerable attention and they are famous due to their lots of health benefits. Various types of studies have shown that consumption of strawberry fruit on daily basis will decrease the risk of heart diseases. Mahabaleshwar strawberry is the famous variety of strawberry fruit, that is grown in India. About 85% of this type of strawberry is being grown in different states of India.  It is cultivated mostly in hilly areas. However, in India, strawberry is cultivated in subtropical climate. It is an important crop to be grown in India. Strawberry varieties have originated from all over the world.  Romans considered this fruit as the symbol of love.

The different parts of India producing strawberry fruits are Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and West Bengal. Almost 20 different varieties of strawberries are being grown in India. The strawberry season in India is November through the March. The taste of the fully ripe and best strawberry is sugary, sweet, mildly floral and a tart flavor. Unless consuming them immediately, they can also be stored in refrigerators for future use.

Where are Strawberries grown in India?

Strawberries in South Africa:

People have often this question in there mind. Where are strawberries grown in South Africa ? Strawberries want to flower and harvest in cool to warm weather and South Africa meets the weather and land requirements for Strawberry fruit.Strawberries have been produced in South Africa about last 50 to 60 years.

In South Africa, strawberries were introduced in 1656. More than 200 cultivars are present in this country. Approximately 300 hectares of strawberry fruits are being grown in different regions of South Africa. Its main production areas are Transvaal and the Western Cape. The harvesting season in Western Cape for strawberries is from September to December.  Strawberries can be used in making milkshakes, smoothies, juices and desserts.Its fragrance and flavor is popular for consumers. The northern part of this country produces about 120 hectares of strawberry plants annually.

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