Why is Guava good for you? Top reasons.

Since my childhood everyone told me the health benefits of guava and comparison with other market foods that are spicy but not nutritionally good for us. i thought why should i eat guava while there are some other fruits with great taste and benefits as compared to guavas. Many of you have the same question in your mind. Is guava good for you? if YES then Why ? Here we will discuss why is guava good for you in diabetes, Pregnancy, skin and stomach. Lets start with fruit nutrition values so you may understand it’s benefits in a good way.

Guava fruit is a tropical fruit grown in tropical and subtropical regions. It has a dense texture with some strong flavor with a mild taste. However, this fruit is originated from Mexico, Central America and Southern America. You can eat it in its fresh form or this can either be stored for future use. Guava fruit contain 68 calories of energy, it is however a sweet, delicious seasonal fruit grown worldwide.

Why is Guava good for you?

After its benefits have been revealed, this fruit is consumed by every individual. As we all know the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying is said in the case of guava as “a guava a day keeps the doctor away for the whole year”.  Moreover riboflavin, potassium, minerals, manganese, calcium etc. are richly present in this fruit.

The cultivation and consumption of guava is centered in the tropical regions, however it can be exported throughout the world. This fruit can provide the energy and nutrients to the individual without increasing the calories. The health benefits of guava are that they control the blood pressure. Furthermore, it will make the immune system stronger. Most of the heart diseases can be prevented by the use of this fruit.

Guava increases the energy levels in the body, decrease the stress hormones in the body and also relax the nerves. It has a good effect on our brain. Moreover, the minerals and vitamins present in guava fruit are beneficial for the strengthening of neurons. The several ways to consume guava is juicing of the fruit and use it in beverages.

Is guava good for you?

Is guava good for you in Pregnancy?

As we all have knowledge about pregnancy. Pregnancy needs the healthy food and a healthy and balanced diet throughout the time. However, gestational diabetes is a major problem in diabetic women. Use of guava on daily basis will help to maintain the blood glucose levels in normal range. This will prevent the gestational diabetes.

Guava fruit can be eaten in its raw form or either used in jams jellies and can be stored for future consumption. Moreover, this guava fruit takes care of your body’s multiple nutritional profile. Its high water content and low fat content will make it an ideal meal for pregnant ladies. Vitamin A and Vitamin K present in guava fruit that is being consumed in pregnancies.

It will prevent the vision or eye problems in fetus. Furthermore, vitamin A will reduce the risk of eye disease like retinitis pigments and retinopathy. Moreover, guava fruit is a good choice for pregnant ladies as it will boost up the immune system of your fetus.

As we know that to maintain blood pressure during pregnancy is a common step to avoid miscarriage and premature births. Therefore, guava is good for you in pregnancy. Blood pressure is controlled by eating guava fruit in daily diet. The Folate component present in this fruit will make the new red blood cells in the body.

Antioxidants and anti-toxins present in guava will combat the various infectious diseases. Constipation and hemorrhoids are a serious issue during pregnancy. Use of guava that contains high content of fiber which will prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.

Is guava good for you i pregnancy?

Is guava good for your stomach?

There are so many problems in the human body. Stomach related or digestion related issues are major. Stomach ulcers are the painful sores that occur in small intestine and stomach lining. However, stomach ulcer occurs when the thick mucus is reduced in the stomach.

High potassium compound present in guava will help to neutralize the stomach acids. Consumption of guava will strengthen the esophagus and stomach. Along with guava fruit, its seeds can also be consumed in a high amount without any serious side effect. These seeds have the capability to solve the gastrointestinal issues. Moreover, the main role of the guava fruit and its seeds is that it will bulk up the stool and make the bowel movements easy. You can use the guava fruit into your healthy breakfast in sliced form.

The adequate roughage and fiber present in this delicious fruit will keep your stomach full. It will maintain the digestion and bowel movements easy. In this way this fruit is beneficial to reduce the weight. Guava will solve the digestive problems like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting

The fiber in guava will help to bind the loose stools and is beneficial for diarrhea. So, we can conclude that guava is good for stomach.

Is guava good for your skin?

Skin which is the protective major organ of our body needs proper care and proper diet. However the use of guava is good for skin to protect the wrinkles because it contains lycopene and carotene. These fruits are consumed in different varieties of ripeness. Delicious guavas may be produced in winter season.

Guava has an intoxicating sweet flavor. Moreover, this is considered one of the super foods for skin due to its numerous health benefits. The humble fruit like guava is extraordinarily rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will help to nourish the skin.

Banana and guava contains about 80% of water that keeps your skin hydrated. Some of the antioxidants, polyphenols and quercetin are responsible for neutralizing the free radicals in the body. These nutrients protect the skin from exposure and damage from UV radiations. Use of guava fruit will prevent the risk of cancer producing cells in the body. Furthermore, it will also decrease the diseases of different skin cancers. Guava has high ranking astringent properties that maintain the texture and elasticity of your skin.

Is guava good for your skin?

Is guava good for you in diabetes?

Most of the fruits that have low glycemic index are diabetic friendly fruits. Due to rich fiber content, guava can keep you full for the whole day and it will keep you healthy by preventing the chance of diabetes.

Daily use of this friendly fruit will inhibit the sudden spike of blood glucose levels. However, guavas also help to lower the bad cholesterol; this will contribute to the development of healthy heart.

Furthermore the magnesium content present in guava may help to relax the nerves and muscles. So after a hectic day, you have to take guava fruit at the end of the day for relaxation of your muscles. However, the juice of immature guavas is helpful for maintain the sugar levels in the body and preventing diabetes.


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